Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hap Ea-ter

We had a good Easter this year. As soon as we got downstairs, Jared noticed something different on the table. EB left Jared and Annabelle some more scripture stories--- Old and New Testament stories--- and some small chocolate bunnies. He didn't forget Mama & Daddy, helping them with their book collection with the first volume of The Work and the Glory. We broke in the scripture stories by reading about Jesus and his resurrection.

I sometimes wonder if he's a cocoa cannibal... does he enjoy watching people all over the world inhaling his likeness? :) Jared even tried to have one before breakfast---he said 'peas' and even gave himself permission by saying 'ooooo-kay.' He stretching out the O for greatest emphasis. It's a good thing Mama and Daddy are still big enough to enforce good eating habits--- like breakfast before chocolate. :)

When spent most of the day watching General Conference. Jared has a picture of the first presidency and apostles and he was able to recognize the prophet--- he called him, poff--- and President Eyring--- also known as Eyeng. When Pres. Eyring wasn't on, Jared would point to the TV and ask for him. It was cute.

Between sessions, we dyed some eggs. Jared helped by coloring on some with a white crayon before we put them in the water. He also helped me fill the plastic eggs for our hunt for after conference. We had our friends over for conference watching (let's be honest--- didn't go so well with two almost two-year-old boys) and egg hunting.

We've spent the majority of our extra time weeding the craziness of our backyard and to celebrate we made it more messy by having an Easter Egg 'hunt.' The boys knew exactly what to do; we were all very impressed. Caleb even managed to open one before we even got inside. :)

After our Japanese Easter dinner (Yakisoba--- a classic in our house) we made the phone rounds with the highlight of Jared wishing everyone a 'Hap Ea-ter'---we're still working on his S's. Here's the photographic fun (I admit to 'borrowing' three of these from our friend's blog, hope you don't mind Kim):


  1. Adorable! I've got Mommy Crushes flying all over that slide show!

  2. I think the Easter bunny might be coming later than normal to our house...or I hope...



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