Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Video: Was that a Goat?

FIRST OFF--- Congrats to my baby brother, Parker. He received his mission call yesterday and will be serving the Lord in the Columbis Ohio Mission! He reports to the MTC on July 14th. Everyone in the family is really excited for him. I guess this means I'll have a Seattle trip to post about sometime in the next two months!

I also put a link to our stroller down in the Zoo post. Seriously, it's so awesome.

Anyway---Being able to more easily upload videos, I'm going to try really hard to post a video each week. If I don't have a recent one, I'll delve into the archives and see what I can find---so watch out!

As promised yesterday, here's one of the videos I took of Jared and Gweg feeding the goats. It was really hard for Gweg to get the food to Jared before the goats would get there first. Jared tried hard to feed them, but they're quick, and like I said last post, they know the system. I particularly like this video because Jared's shirt was on the menu.

I have a couple other videos on {my YouTube channel}. In one Gweg tries to fool the goats and they don't buy it and in the other Jared makes friends with a goat about his size. I also have a Mommy moment and say a sentence I never thought I would utter: "don't give the goat a rock"--- being a parent sure is fun. :)


  1. Sheesh! That first goat nearly knocked Jared to Kingdom Come. Holy crap!

  2. For a sec there I was thinking you went to Fiesta Farms. Nope, of course you are using the zoo pass! Much better idea!

  3. Caleb thought this vid was good enough to bounce to.

  4. Okay, we do have the same stroller. But I did not have a "twilight" option...just ruby. And I love it too.



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