Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Video: Was that a Goat?

FIRST OFF--- Congrats to my baby brother, Parker. He received his mission call yesterday and will be serving the Lord in the Columbis Ohio Mission! He reports to the MTC on July 14th. Everyone in the family is really excited for him. I guess this means I'll have a Seattle trip to post about sometime in the next two months!

I also put a link to our stroller down in the Zoo post. Seriously, it's so awesome.

Anyway---Being able to more easily upload videos, I'm going to try really hard to post a video each week. If I don't have a recent one, I'll delve into the archives and see what I can find---so watch out!

As promised yesterday, here's one of the videos I took of Jared and Gweg feeding the goats. It was really hard for Gweg to get the food to Jared before the goats would get there first. Jared tried hard to feed them, but they're quick, and like I said last post, they know the system. I particularly like this video because Jared's shirt was on the menu.

I have a couple other videos on {my YouTube channel}. In one Gweg tries to fool the goats and they don't buy it and in the other Jared makes friends with a goat about his size. I also have a Mommy moment and say a sentence I never thought I would utter: "don't give the goat a rock"--- being a parent sure is fun. :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zoo: Take Two

Last weekend we decided it had been far too long since a zoo trip--- we do have our membership. Plus, since going to the zoo last, Jared has been asking to go back. It's usually along the lines of 'amals, zoo, okay.' So--- we indulged him.. and we think he liked it.
One of the reasons we wanted to go was to break in our {new stroller}. We research lots of double strollers and, taking the pros and cons, we decided on this one. The kids seem to enjoy it. It's so easy to steer and my favorite part is the seats can switch positions so they can face each other, us, or outward. Usually, they face each other because Belle likes to giggle at Jared. :)
She also enjoyed it enough to fall asleep. I think that's a good seal of approval.

Taking a break and enjoying the lions. Jared roared at them so much the big daddy looked over his way.
It was very enjoyable because it was the last weekend of Fiesta and the zoo was empty. For the first nice weekend in a while (Texas-standards) we were shocked to not have any crowds to fight.
The only crowd Jared had to fight was the goat kind. There's a petting zoo in the back corner, so we decided to give it a try. Jared loved to brush the goats.
The goats totally had the system down. They knew what happened when someone turned the knob of the food machine. Gweg and Jared got harassed a few times, but still enjoyed the experience. Video-graphic evidence will follow tomorrow.
Annabelle woke up from her nap while the boys played with the goats and I had to catch a smile.
Since I manned the camera, this is just proof I was there. I love that we're making the same face.
Not in Pictures:
The jaguar was really active when we saw him (we went as soon as the zoo opened) and he took to stalking the family. It was cool to see him upclose. We also saw a few monkeys up close and Jared couldn't stop yelling "monkey OOO AAHH." Also, Jared loved making all the animals noises, he particularly enjoyed hopping in the frog house and next time, I'll take a video. He really loved the frogs.

All in all, we had a great day at the Zoo, and I'm sure we'll be back again soon--- maybe even in a week and a half...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something New

Annabelle is now venturing off and trying foods besides MamaMilk. Last month, we attempted to give her rice cereal. She did not care for it, just like her brother {for proof see HERE and HERE}.

Attempt at Rice Cereal
So, a couple weekends ago, we gave her some baby oatmeal and she LOVED it. She actually ate way more than Gweg and I guessed her to eat. So, now we're off and running. She even had some bananas last night. Truth be told, I'm a little sad about it. My baby girl is taking her 'first steps' to becoming a toddler. But, such is the way of life. :)

Graduating to Oatmeal (she likes it more than she faces says ;)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


So--- I finally finished Belle's announcement--- it's only been almost six months---

Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Helper

The other day, Jared was really into helping. Last week, I mentioned to him that we might go for a walk later and he got excited. So excited that he started getting ready to go. His first order of business was to make sure Belle had a place to be for the walk. So, he grabbed the jeep front pack and said 'Mama on peas okay.' At first, I thought he wanted me to put it on; after I mini-fit I realized his real objective: he wanted to be the one to wear the front pack.

After I put the pack on him, he grabbed Annabelle's hat and I just had to take another picture.
What a goof!

FYI: His language skills have exploded! He starts pretty much very sentence with 'Mama' or 'Daddy' and half the time he repeats what he tells you just for emphasis. Like we didn't realize the situation the first time. The other half of his sentences end with the word 'okay.' Like when we ask 'can you say please?' He responds with 'okay.' So funny!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Our little Bellie is mobile. Last week, she, like babies before her, discovered the art of rolling over continuously for transportation. For your consideration:

Exhibit A: The blanket behind her is where I put her down. A five second walk to the kitchen and back, to get her bottomless pit of a brother a snack and POOF she's facing the other way and feet from the blanket.
Exhibit B: In this instance she started under the baby jungle gym and clearly, in the picture, she is next to the gym.

Exhibit C: The next day, when going to recover her from nap time, Jared and I came across the below scene. The little girl scooted around enough to grasp her blanket and cover herself. Being the mom that I am, I ran downstairs to grab the camera before rescuing her. It's a good thing she's laid back!
What a goof!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Friends

Last Sunday, before the sickness, our friends launched a surprise visit on us. I snapped these pictures of Annabelle and her baby friend, Parker. FYI: He's a MONTH younger than her! She's so danty!

Blinded by the flash
Then surprised by the flash

What cuties!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

In a Flash

Last night, we had a lot of rain in our part of South Texas--- when I say a lot that's what I mean--- A LOT. Keep in mind, I'm a Midwest gal and been in my fair share of rainstorms. Since we are all feeling a little yucky still, we planned on doing our errands in two quick trips. First trip was to be right before nap time--- that trip lasted all of three minutes. Right out of our subdivision, we had to turn around for home because we ran into this:
The street, which connects our subdivision to the rest of the town, turned into the run off for the 6 inches of rainfall. This truck was just able to come into our subdivision.
After coming home, we tossed the kids in the stroller and walked back down to take some pictures. This picture even made it to the afternoon newscast featuring the weather.

All of the homes are fine; our subdivision goes up an incline the further back you go. We ended up going out early evening and we could get out. Most of the flooding was gone; it was just crazy to see a river where the road was. It was also a nice little reminder of the importance of food storage. We're glad to have some, but it wouldn't hurt to have a little more because things can happen in a flash.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rainy Day Play

Our little abode has been invaded--- with sickness---all week--yuck! On Monday, Bellie started it off with Mama shortly following that night, Daddy joined in yesterday and Jared added a runny nose to the fray today (hopefully that's as far as his goes). So, not a lot has happened since then; we're just trying to get through the days. :)

Last week, we asked Jared to sing his ABCs, he got all the way to E! Greg and I gave each other a look that said 'we must have a genius on our hands--- or just a little boy who is learning way more than we realized. In our morning play time today, I got him to sing ABCs again. He's also counting, telling how old he is, and dancing around to 'here we are together' (he even lists everyone at the end). Enjoy:

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The other day we were all in the playroom. Gweg stuck Annabelle on the couch and this is what we noticed:
It's a good thing she had a beautiful smile or we might have lost her in a sea of green and tan.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Pseudo Backyard

Our Saturday was indeed 'a special day.' Mostly because it was really busy. First we went for a little hike with our friends/neighbors. It was a lot of fun; even with bad knees and toddlers. The place we went to is literally right down the road from our subdivision, our pseudo backyard, if you will. After hiking, we thought, hey let's do more hard labor by planting a garden in our real backyard... yes, we're crazy, but that's another post.

Hiking with Daddy

Mommy's still working on her self-portrait (Belle was looking up two seconds earlier)
Jared's other mode of transportation (his cheesy grin is the only kind of smile I get in pictures now). He also tried the H's hiking pack and it was sweet---now Gweg's talking about getting one... maybe next summer.

Belle was trying to sleep
Sharing Snacks

Our little families--best pic--- the lady taking it forgot to tell us when to smile--- at least someone happened to walk by
Thanks H's for showing us the beauty of our pseudo backyard!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bellie Giggles

Happy Birthday, DeDa! Here's your present... and anyone else who might enjoy it too! :)

Sorry about the lighting and yes, I know, I'm acting silly. It's in my job description.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I'm in the middle of a massive post-blogging feast, so scroll down to see what else we've done lately.

Anywho, I took a picture of Annabelle a couple weeks ago that reminded me of Jared. Check it out.

Jared: four months
Belle: four months
Could they be related? Maybe...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day

It's the first day of baseball season--- a holiday in my book. Since it's a holiday, we all got dressed (except for Daddy because he can't wear T-Shirts to work) to show our support:
Go Cardinals! Way to kick off the season with a WIN!

FYI: The only thing that would make this picture better would be Greg's presence. It's the first time all subjects are looking at the camera and smiling. Oh---Belle had her Cardinal outfit on too, however, it did not make it until picture time. Such is the life of a baby.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hap Ea-ter

We had a good Easter this year. As soon as we got downstairs, Jared noticed something different on the table. EB left Jared and Annabelle some more scripture stories--- Old and New Testament stories--- and some small chocolate bunnies. He didn't forget Mama & Daddy, helping them with their book collection with the first volume of The Work and the Glory. We broke in the scripture stories by reading about Jesus and his resurrection.

I sometimes wonder if he's a cocoa cannibal... does he enjoy watching people all over the world inhaling his likeness? :) Jared even tried to have one before breakfast---he said 'peas' and even gave himself permission by saying 'ooooo-kay.' He stretching out the O for greatest emphasis. It's a good thing Mama and Daddy are still big enough to enforce good eating habits--- like breakfast before chocolate. :)

When spent most of the day watching General Conference. Jared has a picture of the first presidency and apostles and he was able to recognize the prophet--- he called him, poff--- and President Eyring--- also known as Eyeng. When Pres. Eyring wasn't on, Jared would point to the TV and ask for him. It was cute.

Between sessions, we dyed some eggs. Jared helped by coloring on some with a white crayon before we put them in the water. He also helped me fill the plastic eggs for our hunt for after conference. We had our friends over for conference watching (let's be honest--- didn't go so well with two almost two-year-old boys) and egg hunting.

We've spent the majority of our extra time weeding the craziness of our backyard and to celebrate we made it more messy by having an Easter Egg 'hunt.' The boys knew exactly what to do; we were all very impressed. Caleb even managed to open one before we even got inside. :)

After our Japanese Easter dinner (Yakisoba--- a classic in our house) we made the phone rounds with the highlight of Jared wishing everyone a 'Hap Ea-ter'---we're still working on his S's. Here's the photographic fun (I admit to 'borrowing' three of these from our friend's blog, hope you don't mind Kim):

Friday, April 2, 2010

March Leftovers

Since March was a busy month for us, I didn't want to skip over some of our adventures... This was just one random night I started taking pictures... All we need is Belle to smile!
Jared's friend Caleb came over for a movie night and dinner with the missionaries. The boys were obviously enjoying the movie.
Belle grabs onto anything she can reach. If she's in her car seat you'll probably see her doing this:
One day whilest doing WiiFit Plus, Jared joined in. After I got off the balance board to get a drink, he seized his opportunity to try it out for himself. (Nett that was actually purple day--- I know it was the most purple shirt he had)!
Belle fell asleep in her chair and I couldn't pass up the picture opportunity.

In fact, another night we couldn't pass up a few picture opportunities, Mama & Jared:

Daddy & Belle
The two kids we're CRAZY about:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best of the Rest

Here are the best of the rest of the pictures from our week with Ash and Addie. Highlights included:

Re-introducing Addie to parks :)
Going to Rudy's, Alamo Cafe, and Freddie's
Belle's first experience with Rice Cereal (was not a fan)
Falling for the Magic of the Bottom Step and...
Enjoying Bubble Baths

Not pictured, a Addie and Jared story: We have a stereo in our playroom upstairs which happens to be at toddler-level. This means the buttons to the stereo are also at toddler-level. The kids, working together, figured out how to turn it on and play the first CD. Luckily for the adults, it happened to be Kris Allen. Whenever the first song, "Live Like We're Dying," would play joyous toddler dancing would ensue. If we tried to change the song or listen to the second CD, one of them would walk over to the player, turn it off, turn it back on, and start the KA CD over again. It was hilarious. The first time we listened to that song after they left Jared went around the house yelling for Addie. It was cute and sad all at the same time. Now, he continues to dance. I guess life moves on. :) Here are the pictures...


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