Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visitor Withdrawals

We had a great time with our visitors. All of us are having a hard time adjusting, as always, after visitors leave. And, as always, I have memories to record, so stay tuned!

I definitely think a walk to the park is in order (even though we do this quite frequently). Jared spent the morning asking for Addie, Ashley, and then reeling off everyone else's names too (yes, that includes you too, grandparents). First days of normalcy are always the hardest; but we all sure had fun. Hopefully, we'll do it again sometime soon.

FYI: I finally wrote about Four Month Belle and Pirate Jared. Enjoy!

Jared allergy update: Good News--He has NONE! A very patient little boy endured the allergist and all his testing only to find out that he has no allergies. Bad News-- We still don't know what caused his reactions; best guess is a virus.

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  1. How fun for visitors! It is nice to have a place for visitors to stay, huh? So I noticed that church clothes are on sale at the Children's Place now. You might want to go online and get a good deal on the next size up for Jared.



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