Thursday, March 4, 2010


We've had an eventful last few weeks at our house---all starting on Greg's birthday.

On that day, I made some pretty tasty cookies from a friend's recipe. I wanted to make something special but, since we had cake the week before, it was time for something new. Just like every other time I've made cake/brownies/cookies--Jared was given his own little serving. Only this time something was different. After he finished his cookie, he had little hivey bumps on his hand. Greg and I looked at each other, knowing our first thought was the same: allergic reaction. Followed shortly by---oh no...

The next morning, for two reasons I break open some leftover waffles for breakfast---one Jared loves waffles and two--I wanted to see if the reaction would return. Unfortunately it did. Why else would I be telling this story? It's not like anything else happens either. Jared keeps on eating; he LOVED the cookies and waffles. (FYI---the cookies were really good---ya'll should try it). But afterward, his hands are red and we guess somewhat itchy.

So--- for the FIFTH time this month--- I call his doctor and we get an appointment for later that day. (SIDE NOTE: Since his croup episode he hasn't been fully healthy. It went from croup, to a cold, to a yeast infection, to this. Everyone at the doctor's office can now recognize us).

His doctor gives us good news and bad news. Good news is his yeast infection looks gone. Bad news is the reaction does sound like an allergic one so he needs to get tested. She gives me the lab orders and I call Greg and calming ask him to take off early from work so we can work as a United Parent Front. I'm so glad I did that because it turned out they were doing the testing in his BLOOD. That's right, getting blood from a 21 month old.

Greg had to wrap Jared's body around his so he wouldn't attack anyone and then I had to hold his arm straight---so he couldn't shift the needle. It was so hard to look into my crying boy's eyes and tell him the pain he's feeling is only going to help him feel better---or so we thought.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday pass without a call or results. I called on Wednesday to ask when we'd know--- they said to call again Friday. So---I call Friday and Jared's labs were not with the last ones delivered before the weekend. We had to wait over the weekend.

Monday we get the call we've been waiting for but not the answer we expected: all tests were negative. WHAT? what do we do now? To stop us from coming in every day about this, I then begin the world's longest game of phone tag with Jared's doctor; we're both determined to unlock this mystery.

In one of our exchanges yesterday, his doctor mentions that all the tests the lab DID were negative, but they DIDN'T do the ALLERGY testing. Wait... WHAT? I put my child through pain for NOTHING and we have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN? Instead of running back to the lab, his doctor suggests putting him on benadryl until Belle's four month check-up next week. Sounds great to us, but he's still reacting to something and if that something is a staple in his diet I really don't want to keep feeding it to him.

Then today happened. Jared woke up from his nap screaming in pain; eventually I got him to tell me that his 'bum hur.' I go to change his diaper and it's all kinds of red down there and it seems to be caused by his poop. (sorry if it's too graphic). I had fight against my strong little boy, telling him for the second time in two weeks that what I'm trying to do will help him---just so I can put some diaper cream on his little area. Then, I call the doctor's office, yet again. When I finally talk to the doctor, she decides to refer us to an allergist. Hallelujah!

We feel so bad for our little boy. We take good care of him; feed him good foods, etc. this just comes out of nowhere and we're still trying to figure it out. Jared could use all the good thoughts/prayers our family and friends could muster---so please do so.

Now, we still wait. Wait for what? We don't know, but hopefully sometime soon it will be known.

UPDATE: Jared has an appointment for the 16th with an allergist. When his doctor's office called me this morning, the receptionist said "I thought I'd be able to go a full day without talking to you Mrs. H." HA---she thought wrong.


  1. Oh, my goodness Amber! That sound awful! You and your son will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Hopefully you guys figure things out! Sounds like a lot of sad stories.

  3. Blurg, I don't like this story. I just want my little buddy to be happy and well again. The prayers will certainly be heading your way.

  4. Poor guy. I'm sorry he (and you guys) have had to deal with this. I knew something was up by your statuses on Facebook. I just didn't know what. I know they figure out what's going on. Good luck!



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