Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Funny Girl

Our little Belle is a hoot--- she recently reached the FOUR month mark! It's so hard to believe how fast time goes with little kids, until you have them. I'm already preparing myself for the day that they are grown! But back to the present: our little four month old---Annabelle.She's growing just fabulous! At her appointment she was 13 lbs 6 oz and 25 1/4 inches long---meaning she's a very tall four month old. Since she's four months old, here are four fun facts about our Annabelle.
  1. She loves to smile and laugh. Mommy can get her to smile the fastest (which isn't very hard because she's always smiling0. Daddy seems to get her to laugh easiest; followed by Jared as a close second. However, she only laughs really hard when she's tickled. Jared wasn't (and isn't) nearly as ticklish as Belle. It's really cute. Here she is with her first pair of jeans and Minnie. :)
  2. Like all babies, she learns something new everyday. She is now a pro at sleeping, rolling over (both ways), grabbing things---toes and toys included, and following Jared around the room---with her eyes. She's way drooly, everything goes into her mouth; we're just waiting for the teething to begin (Jared was her age when he started).
  3. She garners attention everywhere she goes. Every time we bring here out, we get at least one comment on how happy and/or beautiful she is. Thanks, and, yeah, we know---and she definitely deserves it. :)
  4. She's a very chill baby. I thought we had an easy baby with Jared; I was wrong. We didn't know definition of 'good baby' until Belle. Not to say Jared wasn't an awesome baby, he was, Belle is just way more laid-back. She's a very go-with-the-flow type baby and is very rarely sad.
She's got us all wrapped around her little fingers; especially Jared. He loves asking for Annabelle, giving her hugs/kisses and singing to her. In fact, his current thing to do is sing 'Mahna Mahna' right in her face. You would think a baby would shy away from a toddler face, not Belle. She loves seeing her brother and either smiles or giggles every time he starts singing.

No denying she's our funny girl that 'Annabelle.' :)



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