Monday, March 8, 2010

Driving Miss Belle

Thanks for all the support! We love you all! As I updated at the end of the last post, Jared has an appointment with an allergist next Tuesday. Until then, he and his benadryl will be BFFs.

Jared got a walker for his birthday and he wasn't able to use it too much. Basically he'd just climb in there and get himself stuck. So--we put in in Belle's closet waiting for the day she could hold her head up.

She's been able to hold her head for a while, but we kept forgetting about the baby Jeep---that is, until yesterday. Jared was a little unsure about his sister in the car, until he realized he could push her around the house. As long as we remind him to be soft, he's really good with her.

While I made his lunch a couple hours ago, they were playing again and I got it on camera---feast your eyes on the first picture where they're both looking AND smiling!


  1. Not very girly but I'm sure she loves it. ;)

  2. Love the pic! I only had big brothers and playing cars was the only way I could get them to play with me too.

  3. So cute! Can't wait to see the action in person!

  4. Hurray! I know how that is hard to get them all to smile and look at the same time- experienced it with my sister's kids. Good luck at the allergist's today.

  5. Yay for getting two simultaneous smiles caught on camera! So cute!



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