Sunday, March 14, 2010

Carnivore & a Ham

I've got Belle's four month stats and Jared's first party to post about, but we've been working like crazy round these parts to get ready for our visitors in a couple days! Woo Hoo! If I get a chance after bedtime today, I'll schedule some post for this week because we all know I won't be spending time on the blog while Ash is here.

For now, here are a couple gems from the last week:

Jared loves to ham for the camera and this is what we get most of the time when we tell him to smile for us... all I have to say is 'oh brother...'
While we were watching our Sunday movie, Annabelle was having a little tummy time next to Daddy on the couch. She got a hold of a little bunny Jared brought downstairs... it never had a chance...



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