Friday, February 19, 2010

Remember the Alamo--AGAIN?!?

We had lots of fun with our visitors, so much fun in fact, I'm splitting the visit into three posts: Saturday, Sunday and Before/After those days.

Saturday was the first full day of having all of the visitors who were staying at our house here. We had: Oba, Jiji, Z, Park, MeMa, DeDa, Gma & Gpa with us--- that's SEVEN other people plus our Quartet. Since a lot of our visitors hadn't been downtown in a few years, we decided that would be our adventure of the day. I had learned from my downtown adventure the previous Monday that Jared was not a toddler who would fall asleep in his stroller; so we waited until after naptime to begin.

Some of the highlights included:
  • Walking around the very large and very old Live Oak by the Alamo.
  • Picking leaves with MeMa.
  • Reading the plaque of the the 'supposed' demise of Davy Crockett.
  • Belle getting a new girly hat because Mama wasn't smart enough to grab one before we left.
  • Getting a new book called 'Good Night Texas'---it's official we're now Texans. :)
  • Stumbling upon the MardiGras River Parade--- whoops--- you think we would have figured it out with all of the people sitting along the Riverwalk. :) Jared had a love/hate relationship with the parade; he loved getting the beads, seeing the ducks,dancing, and pointing out the fake alligator-- but didn't so much like the extra loud drums/music. Belle could have cared less. :)
  • Heading to FreeBirds for dinner where Jared and Belle BOTH had poopy diapers and Jared mooched off of everyone's dinner.
We had a very fun day and here's the photographic evidence:

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