Thursday, January 28, 2010

Block Corner

Jared has recently discovered his blocks Gramma Barb got him for Christmas. It was pretty cute.
You can tell just how much he loves Cars...
He's so much fun right now which totally makes up for the temper tantrums. He talks all the time; our new favorites are 'mommy' 'daddy' 'train' 'love you' 'temple.' We also spend so much time reading books; I read him the same books at least once a day and am now to the point that they're almost memorized. He's also mimicking the exercises I do on the WiiFitPlus; which is pretty hilarious.

Just for your viewing pleasure; Belle just looked too adorable, how could I not take a picture? Notice the pacifier under her arm---this girl loves to suck which is something her brother never really took to---so cute :) She's also super close to rolling over, laughing and does pretty good sleeping through the night.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I don't know if his cough was getting to him or if he was inspired by what we were watching (American Idol--the episode with the crazy 'Pants on the Ground' song), but we had to take a picture.
Good thing he can't really look like a fool---because he's way too cute :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last Week

The Sunday before last (10th) night was a pretty bad night around these parts.

Nothing was out of the ordinary until we put Jared to bed---that was when the fun (or should I say not fun) began. Around 1030, he had already been asleep on Greg for about an hour, so when Greg went to be Jared to bed, he didn't like it. His crying automatically led to the worst sounding cough---the typically barking seal CROUP cough. Normally, croup isn't too bad unless it is accompanied with strider breaths (sharp inhales)---which is what happened with Jared.

Greg & I both went upstairs to scoop our boy out of bed and try to comfort him. He settled down, cuddle with us, until he had another attack about an hour later. Greg took him upstairs to sit in a steamy bath while I called the overnight nurse. She reassured us that we were doing the right things, gave us a few more suggestions, and then told us to call back if he sounded/acted worse.

We tried more home remedies and then the three of us spent most of the night cuddling in the living room. Jared got the longest amount of sleep which was only about an hour long. Greg and I both had a hard time dozing because we wanted to make sure our little boy was okay. Eventually, he and I made it upstairs attempting to sleep in the recliner while Daddy tried to get sleep so he could go to work in the morning.

Around 3, Jared had another coughing fit---and it was bad. Every time he would cough a sharp (and I'm assuming painful) inhale followed, which made him cry out in pain. Cough, inhale, cry, repeat. So, we moved back into the bathroom while Greg called the nurse back. As Greg called the nurse, Jared and I sat on the bathroom floor. Jared kept trying to wiggle out of my arms because he was in so much pain; it was the saddest/scariest thing I've witnessed. I hated watching my little boy crawl away from me and hit the floor in frustration because he was in pain and I couldn't make it stop. Eventually, I got him back in my arms and Gweg found us rocking each other---once the nurse heard Jared, she told us what we really didn't want to here---take him to the hospital.

Since we had our baby girl sleeping soundly, I watched my husband leave with our little boy. They were at the hospital until 730. While there, Jared was given a few shots and breathing treatments to help the swelling go down and bring down the intensity. Once they got home, we tried our best to relax and recover the rest of the day.

After the first couple of days, Jared was back to his normal self. He still had the symptoms for the week, but it was never as bad as that first night. If someone can give me the secret as to how to keep siblings from giving germs to each other because Jared loved his sister extra that week. We tried so hard to keep him from her, but it never really worked. Luckily, she didn't get anything from him.

It was so hard for us to see our little boy struggle and not be able to do much to help him. We were glad to be there to comfort and watch over him, but we wish we could have done more. I never want to see him in pain like that again, but I know that's not going to happen because life happens. What's ironic is the whole time we were in Wisconsin, we never once got croup, and now, when we live in the mild weather, he gets it. Over the last twenty months we've discovered such is the life of a parent.

Friday, January 22, 2010

In the Genes

I think our kids are related...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Helper & Hair

Hippo Birdies, Aunt Meg-bo!

Jared's been way into helping lately. He loves to help with Annabelle, the dishes, the laundry and mopping the floor. He has his own swiffer (because Mama got a new one for the massive amounts of tile in our house) to use whenever I clean. Gweg got a picture of it over the weekend:
This also shows my hair. I've been growing my hair out and I didn't want that much cut off; I just wanted it styled. Oh well.. at least it's kind of cute... the cuteness of my kids makes up for me. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

To Catch a Smile

I've been trying for nearly a month to get Belle's smile on camera; it's been ridiculously hard. I (with Gweg's help---finally) got it yesterday.

It's not like she hardly ever smiles either; she's a smile addict. We can't seem to get her to stop. She's such a happy baby. At her 2 month check-up, she was a little over 11 pounds (50ish%), 23 in (75%) long, and the head circ of 15.5 in (75%). Basically she's a tall skinny baby with a big head. Here are all my past attempts to catch a smile (the last two are the 'caught' pictures).

Fun Belle facts:
  • Her reflux did get bad enough to get medication, but she's doing great now.
  • She sleeps for a six hour plus stretch at night, as long as she doesn't nap too close to bedtime.
  • Her hair (which she's got a lot of) almost always sticks up; it's worse right after a bath.
  • Her day naps and feedings are nearly as predictable but it's getting better.
  • She loves to cuddle and gets cranky if she doesn't have attention when she wants it.
  • She drools like crazy which means she'll probably teeth early, just like her brother.
  • She coo's and sighs way more than her brother did. I didn't realize how adorable baby coos were until Belle.
  • She can roll to her side and has found her thumb.
  • She's very patient with her brother poking her body parts and giving her kisses.
  • She goes through at least two outfits a day. We had it easy with Jared and now know the true meaning of 'blowout diapers.'
We love our Belle so much and can't wait to see her personality develop even more!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Camera Face

Happy Anniversary, MeMa & DeDa!

Jared has gotten into the habit of pulling a huge cheesy grin when we tell him to smile for the camera. Over the next few posts, you'll see what I mean. Aren't our kids cute?

Our Croup escapade and their monthly updates are my next order of business, so I say, yet again, stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pajama Camera Fun

Last Sunday we had an impromptu family photo shoot in our jammies. It was rather fun, here's the proof.

Yet another failed attempt to get her smile---at least she's adorable.
Daddy & Baby

Daddy & Toddler
Mommy & Toddler
Our Happy Family

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Park Love

New Year's weekend, before winter made it this far south, we went to the community park. If you can't tell Jared loves the park. Don't believe me? See for yourself...

I told you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up to My Elbows

First, to get an idea of my last couple of days read this.

Lunchtime wasn't nearly as loud today, but I made a few mistakes to make it infinitely messy; little did I know that it was only the beginning.

We have a wonderful space-saver highchair and it contains mealtime messes rather well. Over the last week, we've been slowly giving Jared his meals in his booster seat, so Belle can sit in the chair with us at dinner. Mistake #1: having lunch in the booster seat instead of the 'highchair.' Followed shortly by Mistake #2: Spaghetti O's.

I went into the kitchen to do some dishes (mistake #3) and came back a few minutes later to a warzone. Spaghetti O's were everywhere. Floor---Check. Table--Check. Seat AND highchair (I don't know how he did that one)--Check. Jared--Check. So, like a good mommy/homemaker, I started to clean the catastrophe. And that's when the real fun began.

Belle slept through most of the lunch and started waking up at the end because she needed to poop. I should have seen this coming because she had a marvelous night last night--sleeping for seven hours and no poopy diapers---yep, I really should have seen it coming. So, while I'm cleaning, a cute ticking time-bomb was about to explode.

At this time, we usually head upstairs so Jared can play a little before going down for his nap. After cleaning the floor (and if I'm going to clean around the table I might as well clean the rest of the tile), I go over to get Annabelle out of her chair and immediately put her back down. She had made her Born to Rock onesie yellow; it was baaaaad. She even got some in her hair. Begin the second big clean up of the day.

Luckily, I had placed her in the chair under a blanket, so I didn't have to take that apart. I then proceeded to carefully take her onesie off and take her upstairs for an immediate hose down. Before hosing, I had one more surprise waiting: Jared had also filled his diaper; not to the extent of his sister, but I hate his poop because it real poop not breast-fed baby poop.

After I cleaned the big one, we worked together to clean the little one (so cute), even though I had to promise him his own bath tonight when Daddy comes home. (Did I mention we're having the missionaries over for dinner tonight too).

I don't write this to complain about the day; if anything, I write it so Jared and Belle know what they did and how I felt about it. I felt good. It actually made me feel like a tried-and-true Mom-of-Two. I'm surprisingly happy to be up to my elbows in poop, milk, spaghetti o's and who knows what else because I have the best job in the world. I'm a Mom.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jared's Personal Drive-In

Since it's winter and cold outside, even for Texas standards, we haven't moved Jared's new coupe to the backyard. It's perfectly okay because we have the room. Well, when we watch movies and the coupe happen to be near by, it's Jared's new favorite place to sit. Here he is watching his favorite movie, Cars.

Don't forget to scroll down and check out Christmas!

Monday, January 4, 2010


We're back; so I'm going to go post crazy over the next week.

I'll also be post-dating most of the stuff since this blog is mainly for recording our family don't forget to scroll down :)...

oh Happy New Year!


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