Monday, December 7, 2009

Riverwalk Lights

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving we took my parents to see the Riverwalk lights. It was very crowded because the holiday and an impending cold/rainy front coming through town the next day. We had a lot of fun. I carried Belle in a wrap one of my friends gave me and I kept hearing comments like: 'aww there's a baby in there' or 'is that a baby.' I thought it was rather amusing.

We had plans earlier in the day to go the BYU/UoU area tailgate party but we realized it probably wouldn't be good with a toddler, newborn, and healing mom in tow. So, since we couldn't watch the game, we listened to it on my Dad's iPhone including the exciting conclusion while walking along the river. I even started singing the fight song! What a memory! Go Cougs!


  1. Amber you look fantastic! The lights look gorgeous too. :)

  2. Okay I'm totally going to see the lights down there too! Way too beautiful to miss! Hopefully we can get some great family pics also!

  3. It was fun! We also miss everyone like crazy. So, if you hear of any jobs....



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