Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot Rod Angel

Jared loves Little People. Since last Christmas, he's built a collection and, rumor from the North Pole is, he's getting more next Friday. The nice thing about Little People is that no matter how many different sets you have, they'll all work together (keep that in mind).

This year, to hinder his inquisitive little nature from destroying any fragile decorations, we bought the Little People Nativity. It's worked really well, nothing's broken and I'm finding sheep and wisemen everywhere (which is sign he really likes the toy).

Last week, after putting him down for his nap, I came downstairs to find this:
Apparently, the Angel is going to spread the glad tidings of Baby Jesus' birth in style.


  1. I think Little People are pretty cool. They're nice toys and I like how they have some educational ones too. I didn't realize there was a nativity one. That's cool.

  2. Oh dang I totally want that nativity set now! And that cruisin angel totally rocks...

  3. PS I love your new family photos. And it is SO not fair that you look SO good after just having your second baby!

  4. Those seem like great toys! I love that angel in the car, how funny! Jared is one clever kid!

  5. Totally awesome. I love that kid!!



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