Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year had a lot of firsts: Annabelle's first, Jared's first as a toddler, first one not going anywhere to visit which means it was our first at home---with just our family in our home. As I said before, this had pros and cons, but we definitely made it memorable filled with things we hope to keep as traditions in years to come.

Christmas Eve, we had our friends (and neighbors) over for dinner and a movie. We had a great time and the dinner was great! Since our kids are so young, we had traditional Christmas eve jammies early; Daddy even got some new slippers! Jared needed to be reminded what to do with wrapping paper; he was very mesmorized by the Cars on it, I almost thought we'd have to open it for him--- almost. I showed him how to start and he went to town---very promising for the next morning.

Literally two minutes after putting on his new Lightning McQueen jammies, he tripped on Belle's chair and busted his lip open. It was so sad, so I took pictures---memories, right? After settling down and cuddling with both Mommy and Daddy, we read his book about the First Christmas--- and then put baby Jesus into our little advent calendar. (Side note: Jared got way into moving Mary & Joseph to the manager; he knew exactly what to do when I told him it was time to move them. In fact, he was really upset when we put them away). Then, it was off to bed.

The next morning, Gweg and I got up a little before Jared's normal awake time of 730 to start breakfast of Monkey Bread---oh so good, but since it's not so healthly we decided that it only gets made Christmas morning and if it's a birthday breakfast request. Then it was time to wake the boy.

Jared barely got to the bottom step before he ran over to the car mat Santa had left him. Santa was even smart enough to leave a couple of Jared's car out on the mat and he automatically started playing on it. Once we pulled Jared away from the mat it was stocking time in which he got an orange, among other things (Santa remembered that Jared's mommy used to always get those in her stocking so he started doing it for her kids). Santa left Daddy some desk things and Reese's cups and Mommy got Lindt chocolates.

These kids are insanely spoiled--- FYI: Grandparents--- we love that you want to get them everything you think they'll, but you don't need to. :) Their haul (including what we spent his giftcards on): blocks, Little People airport and garage, a cozy coupe, clothes, piggy banks, stuffed Sesame Street characters, Monsters, Inc., a singing book (thanks, Great-Grandma---that toy isn't annoying at all), Cars coloring book, Lightning McQueen car, McQueen cell phone (sense a theme), a art table for the playroom, and some books (another carl book and the very hungry catapillar---two new favorites--- to name a few).

Gweg's big gift was a nice tool chest; he knew all about it because he was there when we bought it on black Friday. Since he was there and knew, he wasn't allowed to open it up until Christmas Day. My big present was a Best Buy gift card because I "complained about all the new CDs I wanted and Gweg couldn't remember the names." It was very thoughtful.

Gweg and I got some clothes and a lot of gift cards. With the gift cards we got more clothes, garage shelves, New Mario Bros. Wii, CDs, crafting supplies, Belgian Waffle Maker, Star Trek on Blue-Ray to play on our BlueRay player. Yes, yes movie parties at our house!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and frying another turkey to go with our Christmas dinner; only this time we didn't have my parents here to help us with anything. We had our friends over, yet again, and from the general mood of things---it was a success!

Writing this out made me realize just how blessed we were this year. It also seems like a bit much; we tried so hard to keep Christ in our Christmas, to develop new family traditions, and it doesn't seem like we succeeded when I write it down. We did the best we could; the kids only got one present from Santa and two from us; so the rest was grandparents. Don't get me wrong, we're very grateful that so many people love our little family, but we hope that our kids never lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. Celebrating the birth of our Savior and finding the joy through giving to others like the Savior did.

It was a great Christmas; we did remember our Savior and we did create many new traditions that I cannot wait to do throughout the years.


  1. We have that same singing book! Addie got it for her birthday this year.

    We also got Star Trek and Super Mario Bros. for the Wii. Wish we could play it together!

  2. Love the picture of Belle with the bow on her head and Jared on his road rug. Cute!



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