Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Save the Date

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Because of my childbirth history and wanting my doctor to deliver Baby Girl, we decided to set an induction date at my appointment today.

I know this isn't the choice for some people, but Gweg and I feel this is the best for our family and Baby Girl. My doc also said that I have to continue to progress (which I'm doing, so far).

So, as of the 18th, we should be a family of four!

We now have two weeks to get ready---wish us luck and pray I continue to progress, baby girl keeps growing, and we get everything done!


  1. Love it! So glad you have an understanding doctor who listens to you!

  2. yeah!! so excited for you to meet baby A! :)

  3. Woo hoo! No Thanksgiving baby or Corey's birthday baby! ;) I'm glad you won't have to worry about not having your water break this time around. Good luck!



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