Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Annabelle's Biggest Surprise Yet

So, everything about my pregnancy with Annabelle was a surprise.

SURPRISE--- you're pregnant and Jared's only 9 months old! SURPRISE--- it's a girl! SURPRISE--- Braxton Hicks contractions will start a month early! SURPRISE---I'm so much smaller than my brother that the doctor was worried about it. However, she saved the biggest surprise for last...

Since we scheduled the induction date (which was today), Gweg, Jared and I were carefully planning our last days before our trio became a quartet. Gweg had home projects, I had craft projects and Jared had a certain amount of time to enjoy being the only child.

Last Monday started off like any other day---except for the strange extra strong contractions that would come and go. I tried really hard not to pay attention to them because of my past history; they weren't coming in regular intervals so I knew the hospital wouldn't do anything about them--- especially since I had two weeks left. By the time Greg got home from work I was done for the day; I was really made these contractions were getting to me because I still had another week to endure them and, at the time, it didn't sound like fun.

When we were heading to bed, I could barely move. I even contemplated sleeping on the couch; it was at this point I started entertaining the notion of packing because it might be the real thing (yes, we hadn't packed yet---what kind of experienced parents were we). I mentioned this thought to Gweg and his response was: "well, we'll worry about it when your water breaks because then we know it's real for you." He kindly got me some ibuprofen and off to dreamland we went.

That lasted until 445 when I roused from my slumber by a particularly nasty contraction, followed by a pop and trinkle. Luckily, I was sleeping on my side and as soon as I realized what had happened I ran into the bathroom. Gathering my wits, I yelled to Greg something to the effect of my water just broke. His response: are you sure? Yep, I have ways of knowing. SURPRISE---Annabelle wants out!

We spent the next 45 minutes packing the bag, calling the hospital and wonderful friends to watch Jared, and trying not to freak out. Once my water broke, I had sporadic mild contractions---just like Jared. One of my emotional moments came when I had to say goodbye to Jared. I hadn't spent a night away from him since he was born, I was about to alter his world completely, and he barely understood what was going on--- I'm not going to lie---it was hard.

Gweg and I got to the hospital around 630 and, after a quick visit to triage to make sure I really was in labor (4-5 cm, water-broken--yes, it's real) we were in the L&D room by 7. My doctor ordered pitocin to get my contractions regulated (another point for her in listening to me)---so I ordered an epidural first!

I got my epidural around 730--- the same time Gweg came back from getting breakfast. :) The pitocin shortly followed about 8ish. We spent the next hour and a half enjoying random shows on TV, taking naps, and updating family. My doctor came in to say hi and check my progress at 930--- I hadn't really changed dilation-wise but I had thinned out completely. So, they thought we had a few more hours to go---SURPRISE---yet again.

Around 10, Gweg and I were enjoying our discussion about some random show when I felt pressure. With Jared I never felt 'the pressure.' I was in charge of my epidural then and, by that point, I had given myself enough that all feeling was gone--- his nurse came to check me and said wow, you've probably been complete a while and I said really. So, when I felt pressure with Annabelle I wasn't quite sure, but I had a feeling. Shortly after the beginning of the pressure, my nurse (who was perfectly matched for our personalities) came into the room to insert the cathader (yeah, I know, TMI), so I told her what I felt and she checked me and said, wow, let's have a baby!

Another L&D mad-dash scramble induced by a fully-ready-to-birth Amber. Yay me. Luckily, my doctor ran over from her practice in time to be there. Everyone was ready---especially Annabelle---three contractions and nine pushes later---she made her debut. Pushing her out was one of the oddest sensations I have ever experienced. I know Jared came out the same way, but it was different because I still felt the pressure. Which I was completely okay with because I was able to control myself and the pushes that much more. It has also helped in my recovery---I feel more like myself way before I did with Jared. Granted, I still feel like I got hit by a truck, but a small dump truck, not a huge double-semi like Jared. :)

She came out, cried a handful of wails and then went silent because she wanted to look at the world around her. Those moments after-birth (so far) is the most crying she's done in a period of time. She is a very content and observant baby. She's still not sure about the day and night, but give her time, she's only eight days old. :)

S0, from beginning to end, Annabelle's pregnancy was a SURPRISE---but one with the best kind of results.


  1. Ok. So I don't think any of the three kids that I had were as easy as that. Soooo jealous. She's beautiful and congrats! I love the name. :)

  2. So, did you feel pain at all? Or, just pressure? Weird. I've always wondered what it's like, but something I don't know if I want to experience at this point.



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