Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sea World

After living here for nine months we finally went to Sea World. Two Saturdays ago, Greg's work had the 'company picnic' there. Part of the deal was getting super-duper discount tickets, free parking, lunch, drink refills, an exclusive Shamu show, and a repeat visit before the end of the year; so even though I'm seven months preggers and Jared's only 17 months old (he was free) we had to go. It was worth it.

Since we have a toddler who requires a nap, we got to the park pretty early; we knew we could only do so much and wanted to get as much in before naptime. So, off we went with the first stop being the dolphins. Jared wasn't too sure of how close they were, but he did take a fish and try to give it to them. Just like his previous two zoo trips, he L-O-V-E-D all the animals. He kept pointing and yelling.

During the adventure, we went to two shows: Shamu and the Sea Lions. He was mesmerized by all of it; just like the exhibits he'd yell and point whenever he saw an animal. Since they were shows, he clapped whenever the audience clapped and ever giggled out loud a few times.

If you've never been to a Shamu show, there's a part where the trainers get the audience to put their hands together like a killer whale's tail to encourage them to splash. Jared got the hang of the motion pretty quick and does it all the time now.

The only bummer about the day was each place we decided to go to ended up being across the park from each other; man, did it stink walking around, but we had fun. We headed home after lunch, exhausted from our day; in fact, we spent the rest of the day vegging out because of the humidity and amount of walking.

Jared even got a stuffed Shamu to commemorate his first, but certainly not last, trip to Sea World. Our house is literally 10 minutes or less from SW and we're planning on getting season passes next year---we need to take baby girl back, don't we? :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Santa Barbara Zoo

The other 'big' thing we did while in California was go to the Santa Barbara Zoo. We had a lot of fun. Jared couldn't stop staring at the animals. He'd point at one, just in time to see another one out of the corner of his eye. He especially enjoyed seeing the pigeons eat his spilled snacks, yelling at the elephants and flamingos, and riding on the train around the zoo. Just like any other fun-filled day, he passed out as soon as his bottom hit the car seat.

Besides the sadness of losing two family members, our California trip was much needed. We had a good time, but were very excited to get back home to our own beds! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carpinteria Beach Day

A few days after our ER visit, we took Jared to the beach. When we took him to the beach at Christmas, he just marveled at the sand; what a difference nine months makes! He loved the whole thing, except for the chilly water.

His activities included: playing in the sand and mud, running after the waves with Mama (giggled like crazy), playing in the sand with MeMa, catching waves with Daddy, playing in the mud with DeDa, chasing the seagulls, eating cheeseburger and ice cream, watching Daddy and DeDa boogie board, and building a sandcastle and moat with Daddy.

It was a blast and he zonked out the moment we got him in his carseat. After looking at the pictures, I can't believe I actually was willing to go to the beach that pregnant; oh well, we had fun and made memories!

We can't wait to do it again, but next time with Baby A in tow!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jared's First Emergency

It was inevitable, I know, but we started our California visit with Jared's first emergency room visit.

Sunday August 30th started off like any other day with a toddler in a new place. Jared spent his all of his free time exploring MeMa & DeDa's house. He had a blast. One of his favorite places was the kitchen island and at the end of the island is where the trash can resides. He'd toddle around said island proclaiming his pleasure with joyous shouts, sometimes adding a beat or two on the top of the trash can.

In order to get ready for dinner, Gweg started to shuck corn at the island's end closest to the trash can. Jared, being a toddler who loves his daddy, wanted to go over and help Gweg. The only problem was Jared's version of help was to shut the trash can lid and bang on it every time Gweg needed it. So, Gweg did what anyone would do: he grabbed Jared's arm to stop him. Then, Jared did what any toddler would do: he dropped all he weight in order to throw a fit. Gweg was still holding onto Jared's arm and he 'heard a pop' and then I heard Jared wail... and boy do I mean wail.

I join them in the kitchen just in time to hear Gweg say, 'I think his shoulder is dislocated.' Not good. Jared is screaming and Gweg calmly tries to feel Jared's left arm/shoulder. I tried my best to comfort my little boy even though he was in a whole lot of pain. After five minutes of screaming and not moving his arm, we knew it was time to go to the hospital. Before we go, Gweg gives Jared a father's blessing. Not every father gets the opportunity to use the power of the priesthood to comfort his loved ones in a stressful situation; I'm grateful Gweg is a worthy and willing priesthood holder and can do this for us.

On the way there I cuddle with a slightly-whimpering Jared. Since, we're going to the ER, Gweg and I are both worried we, mostly Jared, will have to wait pain-filled hours for a short simple procedure to relieve his pain. Luckily, we had a few strokes of luck, otherwise known as tender mercies from the Lord. At the line to check-in, yep there was a line, the couple in front of us saw Jared cuddling in Gweg's arms and let us go ahead of them. We waited maybe ten minutes, to be shown back into a room. This whole time Jared has calmed immensely; I even got him to giggle a little with some forgotten finger puppets in my bag.

The doctor came in a couple minutes later and told us, without even looking at Jared, his elbow, not his shoulder, was dislocated. It's called Nursemaid's Elbow. Parents commonly mistake it for a dislocated shoulder; children under four don't dislocate shoulders, they dislocated elbow. He also said, usually, after he does the little maneuver, a child can move his arm a few minutes later. So, he took his place, in front of Jared (who was sitting on Gweg's lap) and conveniently blocking my view, popped his little elbow back in place.

After a few minutes of screaming and a couple of Mama & Daddy cuddles, Jared was up and about wanting to explore the whole ER. The longest wait we had was for the doctor to come back and discharge us; from injury to departure, the whole ordeal was an hour and a half long. Even though, it was Jared's first ER trip (and won't be the last since he is a Greg-bo offspring), we're very grateful it was short, simple, and somewhat painless.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunny Seattle

We decided to celebrate our anniversary by taking a long weekend trip to Seattle. This was the first time 'toddler' Jared flew and he did great! We seem to have a child who is only bothered by the air pressure change when he has a cold; which is great for us and everyone around us. Another bonus was booking 'continuation' flights (meaning we had one stop, but we never had to deplane). Once in Seattle, we had to figure out what to do on Saturday and Monday (obviously Sunday was meant for church).

Saturday: When I went out in March, Pops and the guys took Jared and I on a short ferry ride. This time, we took Granni, Grandad, Megbo, and Gweg on the hour ride from Bremerton to Seattle. It was a lot of fun. Jared loved watching the birds and waves; the one thing he didn't love was the ship's horn. We took a couple pictures including a Four Generations of Jacksons pic.

After the ferry, the gang was all hungry so we made our way over to Ivar's. Being a fish-hater naturally and a super-fish-hater when I'm pregnant, I was nervous about what to eat. Enter Fried Shrimp and, man, was it good. The fish stand encourages the patrons to feed the seagulls who hang out there, so we thought we'd entertain ourselves---I mean--- Jared. He was thoroughly entertained; especially when the gulls would hover in the sky to catch a fry.

Sunday: My baby brother was ordained an Elder in the Melchizdek Priesthood. I'm so proud of him, and my other siblings for that matter, and the choices they are making to have a happy future. They are amazing people and have so much potential; I'm very proud to be their big sister.

Monday: We decided to go explore the Seattle Temple grounds. The temple itself was closed for cleaning, but we were still able to enjoy the beauty of the outside. We also took the chance to take pictures of the four sibs because it might (probably will, should) be the last time we're all together for a couple years. Jared also explored grass for maybe the third time in his life. Now, before you think we shelter our child, try going out in 102 degree heat with a toddler---I dare you--- really, I don't, it's not safe. Plus, it's kind of hard to find grass to play on when you don't even have a yard. :) It took a while for him to warm up to it, but I think he'll be excited of have a yard full in three, or so, weeks!

All in all--- Seattle was fun; it was nice to visit when the days were beautiful and sunny. The only bummer was Oba worked most of the time, so we hardly saw her; hopefully, we'll get to see her in 10 weeks or so... (stupid job, did I say that outloud, whoops). We hope to do it again.... sometime... but probably not soon... here are the pictures:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Still Here & Tom Eilken: 1919-2009

Despite it all... we're still here. Technically, we're still in California; we'll be heading back home tomorrow. It was good we came because we all got to see Greg's grandpa (Thomas Bernard Eilken, 2-14-1919 to 9-2-2009), MeMa's Dad, before he passed away this week; we were glad to be here as a 'happy note' in MeMa & DeDa's month. Some things to look forward to that I need to post about...
  • Seattle Trip
  • Jared's First Hospital Visit (besides when he first came home)
  • Our Beach Day
  • Santa Barbara Zoo
  • Touchdown!
We've had a great visit, but it will be nice to get back into the swing of things... just in time to move into the house... :)


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