Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A 'Keller' Father's Day

Greg's cousin, Randi, and her family recently moved from Hawaii to Keller, Texas. Aunt Val spent about a month with them helping settle in and what-not; she left a few days after Father's Day. So, after discussing it with Barb we decided to road trip up there for Father's Day weekend to see them all before Val left. We left for Barb's in Austin the same night Greg got back from El Paso.

We had a great time. Greg hadn't seen the whole family in a long time and I finally met Chris (Randi's husband) and the kids. Jared loved being mauled by his cousins and they were great with him. In fact, I think they were his inspiration to use walking as his primary mode of transportation (I can't get him to stop now)!

A couple highlights:

Chef Point Cafe---This place was amazing. Chris, Randi and the kids kept talking about how good it was and then you drive up to it and go, huh? It's such a dive that the Food Network has been there for Triple D. Let me explain: It's a restaurant in a gas station. When you walk in about 3/4ths of the inside are plastic tables and chairs while the other fourth is a convenient store. At this point, I was having doubts and then I looked at the menu. I had the cheese fries (American + Asiago = Amazing), Crab Cake (with a red pepper sauce), and the Lobster Bisque. Don't judge me, Jared ate a lot of it and I am pregnant! :) Greg 'claimed' that the Lasagna just as good as anything else. It was incredible to have this caliber of food for the same price as going out to a chain restaurant--- all at a GAS STATION! Seriously, if you're ever in Watauga, Texas--check it out--- you'll thank me.

Round Rock Donuts--- On the way out of town, we took a slight detour to Round Rock Donuts for breakfast. Greg and I saw this place on Man vs. Food and knew we had to go there the next time we were up at Barb's. Oh so good! Their 'Round Rock Donut' is covered in an orange creme glaze that makes the donuts one-of-a-kind and loads better than a certain 'hot and fresh' franchise. It's now going to be a tradition: when we go visit Gramma Barb, we also stop at Round Rock.

Swimming---Jared has recently discovered just how fun swimming can be. So, after dinner we invited the crew over to the hotel for some swimming at dusk (if you go swimming any other time here it's way too hot). He had a great time; after we got out he kept pointing back to the pool because he wanted to get back in. My little fish...

The rest of the time we spent hanging out and having fun. Jared did great both up and back, but was tired of his carseat by the end of the weekend.

We're so glad that we have that much more family in Texas!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby 2 is...

A GIRL!!! As of November, I won't be outnumbered!

I had a feeling it was a girl, however, I didn't want to say it out loud as to feel horrible if it was a boy. Greg had that feeling too, but he kept saying she was a boy out loud to 'be against the grain'---since everyone else thought she was a girl.

She is doing great; measuring a little big for her age, but that's ok. When the techinician told us it was a girl, all I said was 'really?' I think it had to sink in; I don't think it will fully sink in until I get to hold her. She waved her little fingers at us and we saw the ultrasound techinician poke her bumb to get her moving.

Her big brother did very well during the exam, he even hiked up his shirt like Mommy (really cute). We're really excited to know who's joining our family and I'm excited to make her some things to wear! (Yes, we have a name---No, we're not telling---and don't tell if you already know!)

Her profile(-ish). Her skull actually looks like its glowing. Her feet are also near the top.

Another head shot---she's curling away from the camera.

Definitely a girl!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Through & Through

Jared is definitely a little boy through and through. Exhibit A:

He is so curious. In this 'act' he's using his race car to get to the stereo. We usually spend the afternoon listening to music and if it's CDs we're listening to (not music choice from the cable), his stubborn determination kicks in and he must get to it. Mostly because the CD player shines blue whenever its on, but it's still fun to watch him figure out just how he can get up there.

We find out if Baby #2 will be just as much trouble or more tomorrow. We're excited to see our child and make sure everything's okay (crosses fingers). I really don't have any guesses; this pregnancy has been different from Jared's, but I'm so hesitant to commit because I'll be happy either way. And, either way, we know that, boy or girl, our family will be blessed because of him or her.

I can't believe I'm almost half-way; it's crazy to think that in 22 weeks (give or take) we'll have two kids AND be living in a house that doesn't even exist yet.

A lot can happen in 22 weeks...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Day

Writing pre-post, I wanted to make sure I put something up today, even though at this time we're probably in or on our way back from Keller. I've been blessed to have a wonderful father, grandfathers and fathers-in-law in my life. I'll be forever grateful for the example they were to me and especially Greg. He's the best husband and father I could ever ask for.

Even though I might be a tad bias--- I believe it to be true.

Happy Father's Day to all those future, soon-to-be, new and seasoned fathers.

Friday, June 19, 2009

While Daddy's Away...

Mama & Jared:

watched a FULL Cardinals game and girly movies like Twilight.

made a pincushion (ode to Mama's first major sewing project, Jared's first Halloween costume) and framed art...
sewed matching burp clothes for her nursing wraps...

whipped up a key fob in ten minutes...
started a shirt for Jared to wear on baby #2's birthday (I still have to sew the letters on).
Meanwhile, Jared continue to explore up the apartment by learning how to sit on his toys.
Even though we had fun we're very excited to have Daddy back in a little over an hour...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Toddler

Jared has exploded development-wise over the last week and a half. He's constantly babbling and attempting to repeat our words, he's starting to prefer walking more than crawling and he stopped his morning nurse time this past week. I have very mixed emotions about that, which surprised me, but it's part of becoming a toddler. I'm praying that we have good days this week while Greg is in El Paso. He's there until mid-Friday, so I just have to keep it together until then. Wish us luck; in the meantime he's some adorable Jared moves!

Music: "Suspension" by Mae &
"Come Right Out & Say It" by Relient K

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Baby Project

Since my current thing is using my sewing machine (thanks again Nett), I thought I would post my newest finished work:

Two of my very own Nursing Wraps! I was only mildly aware of this trend when I first had Jared and by then I already had a blanket that worked rather well. I say rather well because once Jared could grasp the blanket I had a few awkward Mother's room moments. So, when we found out #2 was joining us I priced check these bad boys, all costing around $40. I knew from the little sewing experience that I had that I could beat that price with my eyes closed; the only thing left was to find a pattern.

With the invention of blogging my task became simple because I found template here and here. I did a combination of the two because 1---I wanted D-rings and 2---I wanted it to be reversible. I also changed the length of the boning to 13 inch. 18 was WAY too long. The first one took maybe 6ish hours and the second only 3!

So, for the same price as one store bought 'hooter hider' I made four! Now I just have to wait 6 months to use them! ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Walsh-Coquat Reunion 2009

My Dad's father's mother (my great-grandma) is from Texas. Every two years, the posterity from her generation (she & her 5 siblings) get together for a reunion--similar to the Hansen Reunion, but much, much smaller. I convinced Gweg to make the drive to Houston on the promise of food and seeing my grandparents, LeAnn and her family. So, off we went.

It ended up being a lot of fun. I re-met many family members including most of my Dad's cousins (boy, could they tell me stories) and my great-aunt Carlene. It was nice to have my grandparents there for our first time, so we could be associated with the proper people. Plus, I think Granni had a good time introducing Jared's daughter with 'Little Jared,' as he was known, to anyone she could speak to. Also, Granni, Grandad, and LeAnn helped me remember just how we were related to everyone in the room.

Another fun thing about the reunion was seeing older pictures. 1800s on up, they were there. From those images I learned that I'm Irish & French from this great-grandmother (and Swedish from her husband). In one album was a picture of a French church where generations of my ancestors were christened, married, and buried near. My great-great-grandfather was the first one to immigrate from France to Texas and he joined the church shortly thereafter.

I also learned, from another picture, where I got my looks. LeAnn stumbled upon a picture of my great-aunt Carlene and her family in the 60s. Here it is:Gweg & LeAnn thought I looked like her so much that they spent 15 minutes trying to take a picture of this picture in order to show my Dad, and others. What do ya'll think?

Now that we've met everyone, I'm sure we'll go every two years when reunion time comes again! Here's the rest of the pictures:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Winner Winner

Chicken Dinner!

Last week one of my favorite sewing sites, Sew Mama Sew, hosted a HUGE world-wide giveaway day. I spent some time looking through tons of sites and I didn't even get to all of them. These women and their creations are incredible and they've inspired me to continue to create, along with cleaning and taking care of Greg and Jared.

I never ever win giveaways and I did. I, along with a few others, won a reusable fabric shopping bag from Green Bag Lady. Since they are giving so many away, I won't get my bag for a few weeks, but it's still pretty sweet! I know it's not the most exciting thing to win, but I'm excited to add to my collection of reusable bags and she has a pattern on her blog to make more!

Yay for generous people willing to share their talents!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Christmas in June

Actually it was more Christmas in January, March & May, but since this is my first June post... :)

Over the past Christmas season I felt a overwhelming desire to create more family traditions, so we can have them established 'as long as the kids can remember.' One things I like a lot about Christmas time are Advent Calendars, so I made two.

I spent most of January making this one:(NOTE: This is actually a picture of the original; I made ours a little different and forgot to take a picture. Click here to get the instructions). If you can't tell, it is Joseph & Mary travelling to the stable over the month of December; once they get there baby Jesus is placed in the stable. I made one for us and one for our dear friends, the Greens.

I spent March & one May day to make this one (tutorial found here):

Each day has a Christmas related activity in it. The kids will pull it off in the morning and then we'll do the activity some time that day. Activities include: Christmas Tree Campout, watch Christmas movies, make cookies and give away, etc. I spent time looking for ideas and picked our top 25. Over the years, the activities will rotate days and IF baby #2 decides to wait til December to join our family, I'll add a new one that says: celebrate _____'s birthday.

All in all, I was really excited to make these and now I'm really excited to start using them!


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