Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Greg and I both have a calling. I'm the Valiant 12 Teacher and Greg is the Assistant Leader in the Deacon's Quorum/Assistant Scout Master. Greg just got called this Sunday, but we are both enjoying our callings. I get to teach Church History, so I can try to develop more CH buffs; I even busted out my Semester at Nauvoo bag to lug all my class gear. The challenge comes in the kids' age and trying to keep them engaged in the lesson. I also have an issue with time and need to find places to cut back. Another bonus, I get to go to Relief Society in the third hour; leaving me to watch Jared while Greg enjoys Young Men.

We had a great Memorial Day. We went to Natural Bridge Caverns at the request (=pestering) of Greg. Jared did fantastic and kept pointing at the the rocks---trying to say the word. We enjoyed the walk and went in the morning before the rush. After the caves, we went north a little bit more to go to the San Marcos outlet stores. We enjoyed more walking and can't wait to have our house to furnish! :)

On the home front: Jared keeps on learning and growing. Just today he's said 'gap'---grapes, up, 'bo'---book, 'chz'--cheese and 'dat'---that. He's taking longer walks around the apartment and my new goal is to get it on film. I'm working on a couple crafting projects and having a hard time believing that I'm in the 2nd trimester---six months!!! Greg enjoys his job tons! He actually has his first business trip in June. He also loves goofing off with Jared and tinkering with his car.

Basically, we're adjusting more and more to our Texas lifestyle!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jared's First


What a crazy day! Being the same day as Mother's Day, we made the decision to celebrate that holiday a day earlier. I wanted his first birthday to be all about him--- even though he wouldn't remember. Side Note: Pseudo-Mother's Day was great; a wonderful dinner that I didn't cook and a date with my husband--- I couldn't ask for more.

It seemed that Jared had a great day. After church, we invited our friends over to celebrate with half of Jared's grandparents. Greg's Mom and step-dad (MeMa & DeDa) flew in for the weekend and his step-mom (Gramma Barb) came down from Austin to celebrate. It wasn't much because a---it was Sunday and b---he won't remember. We decided to grill some hamburgers and take a little swim in our community pool; yes, we went swimming and celebrated a birthday on Sunday---don't judge us. Greg used his Foreman Grill to cook before going outside and off we went.

Once eating, a few of us did, in fact, get in the water. And no, none of us cramped up, it is indeed a myth. Jared didn't so much love the water with Mama---he clung to me so tight and didn't like getting wet past his knee but that all changed when Daddy got in the water. He loosened up and enjoyed it almost as much as he loves baths. He only lasted for 20 minutes or so---he was so exhausted---DeDa took him back to the apartment and he passed out.

Another half hour went by and we decided it was time to head back and wait for the Birthday Boy to wake. He woke to presents and cake! As we started presents I attempted to put a 'Birthday Boy' hat but, just like my little boy, he promptly took it off. It was only when he saw the shiny boxes coming to him that he completely ignored the hat. Daddy did well teaching Jared what he needed to do with these mysterious boxes and the last presents had no chance.

Following presents was the moment we were all waiting for: THE CAKE. Jared had no idea why we were signing and why Gramma Barb was holding food in his face. Once he got into his chair is when he started to understand. The first few bites were very timid and then Jared went to work! It was so adorable! He was having the time of his life. The best part was the audience. His enthuaism was infectious, so we were all having giggle fits which started Jared's cake-face giggles and then got us laughing harder. It was very cute.

The whole day, I kept thinking about how much our lives (Ambo & Gweg) have changed because of this amazing little person. In one whirlwind year I have been to the brink of happiness and sadness. We're just getting the hang of being parents and in six months the process will start all over again. Whoa... six months....

As scary as that sounds, it's worth it. Why? When I look into a smiling cake face and realize that he has my nose and Gweg's eyes, I remember he's our little boy.... our son whom we love more than anything... and that makes all the bad worth it.

Happy First Birthday, our little Jared Walker.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Year... Already?!

Honestly, I feel like holding back a little because I've had FOUR comments in the last SEVEN posts! Seriously, we like it when people comment; thank you to the people who actually are. I do this blog mostly for our family history, but it is nice to know that we have readers who care if I update.

Since I want more voices, I'll wait to post all the birthday pictures and post one as a tease.

Obviously, Jared had some fun tearing into his birthday cake! This cute little boy had his one-year check up a week ago. These are his stats:
  • 24 pounds 0.5 ounces---- 90th percentile
  • 30 3/4 inches long--- 95th percentile
  • 18 3/4 inches head circ--- 95th percentile
Basically, our kid is a moose! He's perfectly capable of walking, but chooses not to; crawling is way too fast for him. He eats anything and everything. I'm trying my best to wean him, but he won't have anything to do with whole milk (outside of oatmeal). He points at everything and attempts to say the name of the object after we say it. As of this week, he says: Mama, Dada, dog and others but not as clear as those three.

He loves to laugh. He loves Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, and Phineas & Ferb (don't judge us). He loves to play in the water and give wet sloppy kisses. He loves to clap, swing his hands up and down and play on Mama & Daddy's bed. He hates it when I go into the kitchen or bathroom without him; he acts like I've abandoned him. He's down to one nap a day and gets along great. At the doctors, I mentioned how late his second nap was (4 or 5--sometimes 6---which made bedtime at 10) and she suggested going to one big nap right after lunch. He's been great since. Still fusses if I put him to bed too early or too late, but who doesn't?

We love our little one year old, and can't believe how much he's changed. Speaking of, I need to wake him for the day. Happy first birthday, Jared, we love you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Present

The night before Oba and Jiji left, they gave Jared his first birthday present. His own race car!

Jared is helping Jiji & Daddy open it...

So excited about his new toy!

Our little racer!

Even though they couldn't come out for the actually day, we were glad to have them just a little bit early to begin the celebration.

Birthday posts to continue...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Out on the Town

Another day during our Jiji and Oba visit, we went exploring around SA. My folks and I lived here 12 years ago and they wanted to see the area we lived in; which included the SA Temple built in 2005. They also wanted to do the tourist-y things that we used to do whenever people would visit i.e. the Alamo and Riverwalk. We explored the temple first then went downtown to the Alamo and met Greg for cruise and dinner on the Riverwalk.

We all had a really good time. I absolutely love going down to the Riverwalk; we've been there twice since we loved here and I can't wait to go again. I love everything about it, but mostly the atmosphere. It's something that is so unique about SA and reminds me of how blessed we are to live here. I'm thinking about trying to convince Greg to go down there monthly for dinner and a walk. Wish me luck.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Out on the Town Sneak

Here's a sneak peek at our Downtown adventure when Oba & Jiji visited.

The temple, the Alamo, and the Riverwalk all in the midst of the Swine Flu scare. Who's afraid of you now? :)

Note: Birthday, Mother's Day, and DeDa/MeMa posts will come but only in the right order. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


As our first baby turns one, our second is getting ready for his/her end of the year debut. Here are the first pictures:

Appointment 1, in April: This was at what we thought was eight plus weeks. From the way the baby measured in this ultrasound, it turned out to be barely seven weeks.Appointment 2: At my 12ish appointment yesterday, the new little stinker (in classic Hansen form) decided to not let us hear his/her heartbeat, so the doctor pulled out the machinery again. The first thing the doc said was whoa big baby---so now I'm not so sure about my due date---oh well.

The babe was not very happy to be pushed upon and started acting out toward my body; we saw the whole thing. The doctor would have gotten a picture of the wave, but she had to hold Jared in the other arm (we were sans Daddy). This is the picture of him/her a second later. The head is to the left and turning away from the picture.At our next appointment, at the end of June, we'll find out if I'll be out-numbered some more or even the family dynamics.... stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Temporary Perch

While my folks visited, Jared found a new favorite place to be:

The first night, he mosied on over to help Oba & Jiji get their jammies. Jared, of course, just wanted something else to climb on. I think, he figured out that it got him closer to the banned DVDs. :)

We can't wait to see MeMa and DeDa tomorrow! (Sorry DeDa, we didn't get a picture with you in Feb...
that will change this weekend *insert evil laugh*)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Late Spring Cleaning

As our readers can see, we're currently working on a new blog look.

Greg works on the technical stuff, I'm the designer/instigator (thanks again Cutest Blog for tutorials and Digiscrap Depot for the freebies) and we'll see where that takes us.

Give us feedback about what ya'll think!

Our parts will clash for a couple of days, but the end result will be great... stay tuned!

SA Zoo & Golf

It starts...

We had so much fun the week Oba and Jiji came to visit. Greg and I are definitely trying to figure out how to get everyone to come to Texas! :)

On the Saturday they were here, we went to the SA Zoo. At the zoo, we met my aunt and her family who made the trip over from Houston. We had a great time; Jared was adorable watching the animals. I'll detail the day in a later post when I have the time to write; for now---what everyone wants---pictures.


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