Friday, February 27, 2009


Over the last few days we've made it official--- we are Texans. Why is is official, you ask? Here's a few reasons:

1--We surrendered our Wisconsin licenses for Texas ones.
2--We drive a car that registered in Texas.
3--We left our 'winter clothes' boxes packed. (winter clothes--psh!)
4--We've been wearing shorts the last few days---including Jared.
5--We had our first dinner home-cooked dinner tonight.
6--Our first Sunday is this weekend. ---and, last but not least---
7--Greg starts work on Monday.

Yep, it's official.

Funny side note: I failed the vision test for my driver's license the first time yesterday. Greg got his so we had to come back today with my glasses in tow. It turns out that I really do need my glasses now when I drive. I guess it was inevitable. Yesterday just wasn't my day. I cut myself unpacking, twice, dropped a few things (luckily none of them Jared), failed my test, and Greg accidentally dropped a desk on my knee. Yesterday, I was truly 'Clumsy Ape Girl.' :)

Another side note: I haven't put pictures up because we haven't unpacked any of the office stuff yet. We have my laptop out and that's it. We have tons of cute pictures from moving and I promise to have apartment pictures up soon. I just need to get rid of a few more boxes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We're here. We're safe. We're no where near unpacked.

Oh---and--- we love it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goin' South

We're back in Wisconsin---but only for a day and a half---the movers are coming in eight hours to pack us up. After that, we clean the apartment, have a walk-through, and say goodbyes! Come Thursday we'll be on our way to Texas!

See ya'll on the flip side!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bath Time for Bonzo

Since we're going to California in the morning, we decided not to bathe the baby because we wanted MeMa & DeDa to have the chance---well, Jared vetoed that choice. How, you ask?

It all started with a diaper change. Jared has become SUPER wiggly when we change him and before I could get a new diaper on him, he was off to the races. I took the chance to grab the camera because I didn't have enough of 'embarassing naked baby' shots---who can resist a cute baby bum? Well, by the time I got to him, he was half way across the apartment and went all the way to his bathroom, stood next to the tub, and bounced up and down---his signal that he wants up.

We couldn't resist and ended up giving him a bath. Sorry, MeMa and DeDa---maybe next time.

MOVING UPDATE: We got the apartment and our move-in date in the 23rd (Greg's starting date was moved a week back). So, we'll have five days from the end of our vacation to get down to our new place! WOO HOO!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heavenly Glow

Jared was playing in his massive toy pile the other day and Greg saw this:

His hair was literally glowing from the sunshine and we started cracking up. Greg thought it looked like a little halo above his head. It's getting so long, but I have this irrational fear that it won't grow back if we cut it. Plus, it's too cute to cut! What do our readers think? To cut or not to cut?

Bonus: This picture was taken Super Bowl Sunday and, if you look closely, he's wearing his adorable football onesie. We had a nice quiet evening watching the fantastic game that was Super Bowl XLIII.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Jared has another yet double ear infection---I know, Jer, I know. We thought it was just a cold until he wouldn't nurse for a full day---that day was bad news. We went to the doctor's office and she told us it was probably because of the cold weather and if we were staying here that Jared would be a candiate for eartubes--- we blame Greg's genetics. Anywho---she was nice enough to get his records together so we can be fully prepared when we move.

Speaking of moving, Greg has signed a contract and his tentative start date is February 23rd! We're working on the apartment right now so we can get together with the moving company and set a final date.

Between then and now we're losing our minds--- and traveling! Greg's Grandpa turns 90 the weekend before we move and my Granni and Grandad haven't met Jared, so we're going to California and Utah---crazy I know! It all happened because of a few free flights and we're stoked! Since we're traveling, our last Sunday in our ward was today. We're going to miss our ward and friends terribly, but such is life. Our doors, once we have them, are always open.

So, a week from today we're getting our travel on and won't stop until we're in Texas! Seriously.


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