Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gratitude Turkey

Happy Anniversary Gpa & Gma!

In honor of Thanksgiving, we spent November writing one thing we were grateful for each day. It was a great way to see what we've been blessed with. It especially helped on those days when we had the hardest time writing something down. A few days we wrote one thing for the three of us causing the string of same answers. This will definitely become a tradition. Here are some of the things we are thankful for:
Gweg: Ambo, Jared, separation of church & state, scriptures, medicine, snow, central heating, church, holidays, seasons, right-thinking people, hoodies, shots, dates (with Ambo), coupons, Mexican food, opportunities, good food, family, good impressions and combustion.

Ambo: Gweg, Jared, right to vote, pictures, reading good books, sleep, plastics, music, coupons, temples, WiiFit, sweaters, shots, dates (with Gweg), sports, juice, tools, airplanes, quiet time, decorations and Saturday.

Jared (via his parents): Daddy, Mama, sunshine, diapers, pretty colors, bananas, socks, teeth, toys, electricity, legs, new skills, shots, dates (to enjoy new people), coupons, muscles, clean clothes, baskets, baths, vocal cords and rings.

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Always take time to be grateful! :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back Home

We're back and we've been busy straightening up the apartment and unpacking...

I'll post vacation pictures after we re-regulate to Central time. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Earlier in the week we changed our Seattle flights so we're leaving TONIGHT. Just spending the rest of the day packing our bags and decorating the apartment (since we'll be gone for the day after Thanksgiving). Wish us luck on traveling with Jared! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Helper

Dear Daddy & Mama,

Can you believe how fast I'm growing? Just to show I'm growing, here are some things I can do to help around the house. I can...

do laundry,
feed myself,
use the big bathtub,
and drink out of sippy cup.
Okay, I'm stilling working on these things but at least I'm trying. Thanks for taking care of me, especially when I'm booger-y and poop-y.


Monday, November 17, 2008

The Battle Continues

DeDa wrote a follow-up article to In the Face of Hatred. Gweg even used the last section as a supplement to the EQ lesson he taught on Sunday regarding the Second Coming. As DeDa said, "did we expect the Adversary to stay curled in his hole licking his wounds?.... Did we expect the Adversary's attempts to knock us from the straight and narrow path to simply cease?" We are living in the last dispensation. It is Satan's last stand to thwart something he's been against for a while; think of all his pent-up anger against those of us who actually chose to be here; especially those who fight for righteousness and the kingdom of God. The days are going to be tough, but with faith, everything will work out.

Check out the rest of the article here: The Battle Continues

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Six Months

It's hard to believe that Jared's already six months old. He's a great little boy; we love him to pieces. Here's a few facts about Jared:
  • At his appointment he was 19 lbs 9.6 oz (83%) and 27.5 inches long (84%)
  • He enjoys his solid food, so far, he loves: oatmeal, pears, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, and prunes
  • He likes: rice cereal, carrots, and peaches
  • He's not sure about peas. The verdict is still out on whether he likes them or not. One day he'll eat them and the next he won't. I guess we'll just have to watch and wait...
  • He gets up every morning at 8 and goes to bed at 9. In between there's lots of eating, crawling, napping, and pooping. :)
  • He's determined. Once he sees something and wants it, he'll do his best to get it.
  • He loves to crawl---really crawl---and sit up; we know this because he always has a smile on his face when he does both.
  • He's ticklish; his favorite way to be tickled is mouth to belly.
  • He loves to laugh at and get the baby in the mirror (so cute)
And so many more! We can't get enough of our little boy!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Night. Date Night

Technically, it was a date day---but that doesn't sound as cool. Jared spent some time with ward friends while we went on a date for lunch and a movie. We saw this...
The movie was fun and Bond-tastic! We watched Casino Royale last night, to get in the Bond mood; it helped because the plots are connected. Plus, it was nice to spend some quality time with each other. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hot Tubin'

After his prun-tastrophe last week the tub was not fit for the baby bathing that evening (don't worry we didn't leave poop sitting there, we just wanted it cleaned before Jared bathed it again). So... this was his bath that night....Adorable, no? Greg thinks he's hot tubing--- relaxing and enjoying his p-sizzles (parents). Fo' Shizzle!!!

p.s. Crawling video to come!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creative Cookie

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I did the BYU Semester at Nauvoo program. It was one of my best college experiences and I would tell anyone who had to chance to go to do so, but the program was canceled a couple years ago.

Any-who, one of my friends from that semester has recently started an online business called Creative Cookie. It's full of lots of creative things designed to inspire the readers/customers to make their lives easier.

As apart of the grand opening she is having a giveway and I wanted to give her free promotion on our blog (plus by doing this I'm entered in the giveway--- insert laugh here). Join the giveway and check out her labor of love!

Check it out under my 'non-blog links' or here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Forever a Family

Six months ago, our lives changed forever. This is in tribute to that wonderfully long and painful day. The green totally brings out Jared's rapidly morphing red-hair. Get ready for some serious heart-meltage!

Grandparents--- we ordered a couple pictures for you and the great-grandparents, however, I'll email you the link to actually order them.

To answer your question, Megan, we got them taken at Sears. How do you think they did?

In the Face of Hatred

Jared's DeDa (Greg's stepdad) is a LAPD detective, an avid writer, and a member of the Church. Being all these marvelous things, he has a unique perspective regarding the Prop 8 protests going on outside the LA temple and chose to write about it. Whenever I read any of his articles, I have a new resolve to become a better person. Click on the link below to read the article. We love you, DeDa, and thank you for sharing.

In the Face of Hatred

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Too Close To Call

Jared has been involved in a few battles over the past week and we're still not sure who to declare the winner. What do our readers think?

Jared after eating sweet potatoes for the first time.
He has some on his arms, onesie and hair.

This time the opponents are prunes. I think this one is more dramatic because of the color-- I don't need to explain where he got the prunes---
AND they also cause further damage later in the digestive process.
No matter what, he's definitely having fun with his ever-expanding menu!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Pictures

We had our picture taken today since Jared is now six months old (geez---time flew). He did great; didn't quite get his enormous smile, but he was a little shell-shocked so it's okay. The two in the title are not the only good ones, you'll have to ask nicely to see the rest. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ghoulish Halloween Feast

I love having people over for dinner, games, etc., since we had Jared I haven't had many opportunities to play hostess--- except for the August blessing invasion :) So, in the middle of the summer, I finally made a promise to myself that we would have the missionaries over for dinner at least once a month. I think it was the mom/big sister in me wanting to take care of them (most of the missionaries now are my siblings' ages).

I usually run the menu by the missionaries before hand, that way I'm able to dazzle them into thinking I'm some exotic chef (I made Yakisoba & Katsudon for the first two meals). When I went book our October date with the missionaries, I noticed that Halloween was rather empty. Swallowing my anxiety and trying, but failing, to mask my growing excitement and need to top my previous dishes, I signed our name to the holiday.

In the weeks that followed I searched the internet far and wide for Halloween recipes--- I was determined to make this meal/evening/holiday memorable---I even got the missionaries Nerds candy as a treat to take home. I had a hard time containing myself and thanks to Gweg's editing eye, I didn't crash and burn when the meal preparation began. The missionaries had fun. They thought the meal was awesome and made it feel like Halloween (direct quote).

The menu included:
  • Bacon-Wrapped Mummy Dogs with blood cheese sauce
  • Ghoul's Eyes (deviled eggs)
  • Witche's Brew (homemade tomato soup)
  • Jello Test-tubes (Gweg made the comment that I was serving the missionaries Jello shots--- oops)
  • Halloween Jello Jigglers, and for dessert...
  • Bloody Graveyard Cake
It was so much fun. Gweg and I agreed that this meal would be a Halloween tradition in our family and I can't wait to make it again!

P.S. Did anyone notice Zero on Jared's pumpkin? I thought someone would comment on how cute it was! Zero is Jack Skellington's (my pumpkin) dog and then Gweg's pumpkin was 'pumpkin pie'--- get it---

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Shower Head

On the way home from scouts Gweg bought a shower head with a hose attachment for Jared's bathroom. Why, you ask? Jared had two major blowouts today, not even two hours apart. I guess Mama fed him too many prunes, go figure.

Memo to other Mamas: Don't feed your baby a container of prunes, rice cereal with prunes and apple prune juice in one twenty-four hour period. If you do s/he will christen those diapers so fast, make all kinds of funny faces/noises, and make you appreciate the words 'hose off.' I am grateful he chose to wait until we picked Daddy up from campus--- I don't even want to imagine the potential mess there.

We been sick the past few days, I promise to put Halloween dinner pictures up tomorrow.

And, yes, we did vote yesterday--- Jared sat nicely in his stroller while we performed our civic duty and exercised our rights. I sure do love this country.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Get out and VOTE!!

My MIL sent Gweg & I these articles by Orson Scott Card. I thought they were fantastic and I good thing to share with the blog universe that I touch. Think of it as a gentle reminder to go out and VOTE tomorrow. Gweg and I will go early tomorrow morning and show Jared what he should do when the time comes. Here's hoping the country doesn't get too messed up tomorrow!

Disagree but Don't be Unkind
: This is about California's highly contested Prop 8. Card explains how the church's views of the prop are misinterpreted. We may not live in Cali, but it's still a pre-curser to what could happen around the rest of the country.

Uphold the Constitution: Card discusses how the process of amending the constitution has changed, for good or bad, and how it may affect our future. If you don't read the whole article, at least read the last section about Obama.

My whole reason for this post----- get out and VOTE tomorrow!


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