Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jared's First Swim

After our butterfly adventure, we just couldn't stop there--- we had to go swimming. Luckily for us, we have an indoor pool in our complex so we can go anytime and the water is always nice and warm--- great for babies!

Jared absolutely loved the pool! Greg, Megbo, and I spent time passing the baby and he enjoyed it. Water has a real calming effect for the boy---until he realizes he's hungry and tired from a long, but fun, day. I can't wait to take him to the pool again!
Our little swimmer getting ready to dive in!

What's with this rather large bathtub?

Having family fun time!

Daddy & the chubby monkey enjoying the water.

Happy family in the pool!

Blooming Butterflies

We've been having so much fun with Aunt Megbo here. She's enjoyed alone bonding time with our Rolie-Polie Jared. We've also enjoyed time without Jared; Thursday night we saw Dark Knight on the IMAX--- oh man was that good. Then on Friday night we enjoyed a good game of Clue DVD where Greg won, yet again, right before I--- alas!

Saturday, we went out to enjoy a few Wisconsin treats. First we went to Michael's Frozen Custard--yum-- a great lunch! Then it was off to our local botanical garden for an annual exhibit called Blooming Butterflies.

We had a lot of fun. Jared was happy and awake the whole time during the butterfly exhibit; I think he liked the humidity in the conservatory. He even caught a glimpse of a couple of butterflies in a sugar water dish. After spending time with the butterflies, we went for a nice walk around the outside gardens. Jared fell asleep while we spent time admiring the beautiful flowers and the only Thai Pavillion in North America.

Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rock 'n Roll

He did it! Our baby rolled over! As everyone enjoyed their breakfast, Jared had time on his new blanket from Aunt Meg-bo (so cute). I'm in the kitchen getting my cereal when I hear simultaneous"Amer" from Meg and "honey bunny" from Gweg; Jared was in the process of rolling over for the first time. He finally got his bottom arm out from under him and was on his belly. We all cheered, Gweg got the camera and snapped this adorable picture of our happy little boy. Good job son---I guess my time is limited to child-proof the apartment... yay...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aunt Meg-bo

Jared loves his Aunt Megbo--- we're glad to have her visiting!

It starts...

Another thing Jared learned to do this past week was lifting up his legs and bum to roll over. He doesn't completely roll over, yet, but the sheer movement of his chubby bum and legs gets him moving. He's rotated completely in his crib; shocking Mommy or Daddy when they come to get him. Here's a video of his movements...

New Discovery

Jared discovered his hands and feet about a week ago. It's pretty funny to watch him try to control his hands and feet long enough for him to watch them. Since his new discovery, we've found him in his crib sucking on the back of his hand. It's very soothing for him; I tried to help him find his thumb, but he automatically took it out to get to the back of his hand... oh well...

Typical Conversation

This is a typical conversation between Jared and his mommy... very funny...

Monday, July 21, 2008


This summer, Greg joined an co-ed ultimate frisbee league; the team is made up of two wards in the area. I mention this today because he usually has a game on Monday night, but we're not going tonight because Greg threw his back out at work this past week. Poor guy has been slower ever since.

Other than the back injury, it's been lots of fun for Jared and I to go and cheer Greg on--- considering I never thought I would be doing so. We get to enjoy the matches with other wives and babies; I even get the itch to go out (I have a knack for throwing frisbees the opposite way of their intended destination).

I'm very impressed with him because he tries his best the whole time he's out there; even when he seems to cover the fastest man on the other team. Another great thing about watching him play is his calm demeanor. I'm very competative and throughout the games he stays calm and tries to have fun. A lesson I can learn from him. Kudos to my hunnybunny for trying a sport and having fun with it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Year Older

...and wiser too... I hope.

My birthday weekend was fantastic---I had a birthday weekend because my birthday was Sunday. The weekend started with a little fruity treat from Cheryl & Scot. Thanks, it was delicious!

Greg always plans some kind of surprise and this year was no different. His surprise came Saturday night in the form of a nice date without Jared. A wonderful friend in our ward joined Greg in his plotting and agreed to watch Jared during the evening. After lots of nervousness on my part, we started our adventure. The first part of the adventure took us to The Melting Pot.

This was huge surprise. Around Valentine's Day, I tried to hint about how I wanted to go there before the baby was born because I didn't think we'd ever get around to it afterwards. So, Jared's birth came and went and I thought my chances of fondue goodness were gone... little did I know... We had a wonderful time. The food was amazing; some of the best food we've ever had. The atmosphere was part of the charm. The server comes to your table creates the dips; explains everything. For the main course, they bring out all the meat raw and you broil it in a base of your choice at your table. The only negative was that all three of our bodies felt the repercussions the next evening.

We spent the second part of our evening watching the latest Will Smith movie, Hancock. We enjoyed it enough, but it's definitely not a movie we'd want Jared to see. The concept had so much potential, the plot twist was cool, but the resolution was way too abrupt. No matter, it was wonderful to have some time with Greg.

Funny story, the family who watched Jared had the whole zone of missionaries over to celebrate one of the missionary's birthday that day. When we walked in we were greeted with a chorus of happy birthday. Not many people get to say that they were sung to by a whole zone of missionaries.

The next day, my birthday, we went to church like always. Unlike always, I brought a treat for my primary kids and they sung to me. Our ward had a 'Meet 'n Greet' after church so we decided to stay for that. A couple minutes after we sat down a group of women, lead by the Bishop's wife, came up to me and started singing. We spent the rest of the day resting and enjoying being together. We had one of my favorite dinners, yakisoba and gyozas. After dinner we enjoyed a little bit of heaven; Greg made a wonderfully delicious pistachio cake of which we partook after he sung to me. Jared didn't last long enough for the singing. Four times for one birthday; I guess the birthday wasn't a bust.

It ended up being a marvelous weekend, even though I'm now another year older.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Starting Young

Jared wants to be like his daddy, starting with...

his love of Hawaiian Shirts! What's a mommy to do?

Love unconditionally through any kind of quirky fashion fau-paux---check.

Anyway, I think it's adorable!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Two Months Old

From this...... to THIS!!!

Time has flown by and Jared is now two months old. The pictures illustrate just how much he's grown and the stats from his doctor's visit only prove it more. As of yesterday, he was 25 1/4 inches long (99th percentile), weighs 14 lb 3.2 oz (95th percentile) and his head is 40.5 cm round (63rd percentile). We knew he was a large baby! Since his head is smaller than his body he's got fantastic head control for a two-month-old. His doctor was really impressed.

He has developed a wonderful personality that brightens our day. He loves when his Mama & Daddy sing to him. He loves having a 'conversation' with the both of us. Each morning we sing "Good Morning to You" his face shines with the biggest smile. He loves bath time, and sometimes, showering with Mama & Daddy. He loves watching the ceiling fan and becomes mesmerized listening to music. He kicks one leg when he's happy and two when he's mad. He's the loudest and messiest eater, but he sure does enjoy it! His smile melts both our hearts---we couldn't imagine our lives without him!

Happy two-months to our cute little Jared.

PS--- My sister comes in 10 days and we're all excited to see her!
PSS-- I turn 24 tomorrow and I'm having a hard time believing it (and Greg has some surprise tonight that involves getting a babysitter--- I'm sure I'll blog about this sometime next week)

Dark Knight Review

I'm slightly excited for this movie to come out next weekend. I grew up watching all kinds of comic book cartoons that have been made into movies; one has always been my hands-down favorite: Batman. I absolutely loved the reinvention of the movie series with Bale & director Nolan three years ago and I'm pretty sure I've been counting down the days for this movie since the end of the last. To that end, a review came out today and it made me even more excited--- here's the link. Click on the picture to visit the movie website.

And, yes, Jenni we will get a babysitter because Jared has become a little talkative so-and-so!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recent Moments

He's growing so fast... we're trying to cherish every moment... email me if you want copies...

Fourth of July

Happy week late Independence Day! I know I'm a little slow on the posting, but at least I'm doing it now.

I come from a family that makes a really big deal with the fourth, so much that over the years it has become my favorite holiday. Everyone would get together, go to the pool, barbeque, buy way too many fireworks for anyone's good and/or safety and then we'd watch Greg, my Dad, uncle and brothers try to shoot them off without losing a limb. My parents were so notorious for their celebrations that their whole street last year came out for the show. This year was slightly different---with my parents moving to Seattle and us moving to Wisconsin and having Jared. Even though it was different, we still had fun.

Our ward has a nice fun run/breakfast in the morning which we had every intention of being on time for. I even put the mother of all fruit bowls together the night before--but enter the King of Gas known to the world as Jared. He woke up a couple hours early, so Greg and I brought him to our room, so we could get a little more sleep; too bad Jared has lots of gas keeping the three of us from getting to the activity right as breakfast started and the walk ended. I had this grand plan of taking pictures (at the activity and all day) of our cute smiley boy in his adorable "USA: American Boy" jumper---until he power-pooped at the activity and got it all over himself and his outfit. The one day Mommy wanted him to stay in one outfit---oh well. So, I hesitated taking pictures and the only picture I have of that day is right before we left with the power-pooper himself and his daddy.

After the activity, we spent the day together at home, lounging about and just being a family. The sweetest thing I think I've seen in my life is when I watch my little boy smile at my loving husband. Words cannot describe how much love I feel when I see them together. I digress...

Since Greg knows how important the fourth of July is to me, we decided to go to the local fireworks show that night. Our area had their HUGE show the weekend before the fourth (didn't make sense to us) so it seemed like the whole town tried to come to the show on the fourth. Greg, luckily, found a off-road in the middle of a farm that had a view of the park from the back. A little one-and-a-half lane road with cars parked on either side is lots of fun :). We stayed in the car until the show started then moved to sitting in our trunk. It ended up being a lot of fun and very memorable. Thanks honey for making my fourth as spectacular as it could be with an adorable little baby (who, by the way, slept through the whole show).

We did buy some sparklers and pop-its, which we have yet to use, maybe we'll save them for Jared's blessing in a few weeks.

Happy late fourth--- be grateful for all the freedoms you have in this wonderful country.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Half-Blood Prince: First Look

USA Today had a sneak peek of the film adaptation of the sixth book in the Harry Potter saga, due out in November. Greg & I decided we already need to get a babysitter because we are SO there---even if we have to wait when we're in Seattle a week later. Click here for the link---enjoy!


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