Friday, June 27, 2008

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3 Joys in My Life

  1. Greg & Jared
  2. Reading
  3. Sleeping

3 of My Fears

  1. Jared getting sick
  2. Being a horrible Mom
  3. Losing a loved one

3 of My Goals

  1. Finish Healing... I mean seven weeks is long enough, right?
  2. Finish my current book before Artemis Fowl comes out
  3. Take time to enjoy being a wife and mom--- Endure to the End

3 of My Current Obsession

  1. My Family (Greg & Jared)
  2. Our Blog
  3. Food Network

3 Random Facts About Me

  1. I was born on Friday the 13th
  2. I have a Titanic collection including figures, books, and diagrams
  3. I love to cook

Thursday, June 26, 2008


We took pictures during tummy time yesterday and bath time today and these our are favorites. Jared is so much fun and very patient with his parents. He's gotten really good at holding his head up for longer than a minute!

He's such a happy baby. He wakes up every morning so happy. After MeMa left, we started putting him in his room overnight and he's been fantastic. So fantastic that he only woke up once to eat last night. It's very odd to get a four or five hour block of sleep when you're not used to it anymore.

Our little boy is growing fast. Greg weighed him a couple hours ago and---with a little estimation---he's already over 14 pounds! I can't believe that our little seven-week-old is 14 pounds. He's supposed to double his birth weight at six months--- two and a half pounds in four months doesn't seem to hard for Jared to accomplish! I mean, look at how big his belly is! He's such a cute little porker!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lil' Homie

During one of our playtimes this week, Greg & I gave Jared a little urban flare... we had so much fun... here are the pictures...Check out my sweet threads!

Yo! Yo! My name is Lil' J! Props to my peeps!

Big yawn! Check out the mohawk I have because of my two cowlicks on the back of my head.

Goofy smile...
Mama, please don't kiss me! I've got a rep to protect!

See my tongue... Here it is!

Baby Babble

Jared recently discovered his vocal chords and as per request of family members, here's a video of some of his adventures. Enjoy!

Six Weeks

Time has flown and our little Jared is six weeks old! He's developing a marvelous personality and having fun wooing anyone that cares to flash a smile at him. Greg's mom and step-dad came to visit and we've had a wonderful time. Paul left Saturday and Dell will be here until Tuesday (she's definitely enjoying her MeMa time). Here are pictures from the week:
Who wouldn't fall for those looks? Definitely a Chick Magnet!

Playing with the Mama...

Doing our stretches....

then falling asleep.

Bathing with the MeMa & the Daddy

Greg, Jared & I went for a walk the other night and this was the end result: Sleepy Baby.

Finally capturing a smile from the happiest baby! We sure love our little Jared!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Nauvoo Weekend

We took Jared, his MeMa & DeDa to Nauvoo for the first time this weekend. We had a lot of fun going to different sites. I spent my time playing tour guide. Jared was thrown off his schedule and after two days in a car, he was ready to be home. I'm glad that I was able to share one of my favorite places in the world with Dell, Paul & the baby.

Check out Greg's father's day present in one of the pictures. Jared got him a shirt that says: Men Who Change Diapers Rule! because Greg is sweet enough to change his diapers during the whole nighttime and sometimes during the day when Mommy needs to clean up after a feeding. I'm very grateful that he hasn't backed down in changing diapers. Thanks honey!

Here are some Nauvoo highlights:

Father's Day

I didn't get a chance to post on Father's Day, but I still want to mention my gratitude for the fathers in my life. Here it goes:
*My Grandfathers: I've been very blessed to have both of my grandfathers in my life. They are incredible men. Both are knowledgeable in their own expertise and both would do anything for their families. I know I would not be the same without them or their influences and for that I love and thank them.

*Greg's fathers: Greg had the marvelous blessing of having two father's in his life. Jay, his biological father, passed away in September and we miss him terribly. Greg inherited his love of cars and anything mechanical. He enjoyed life to the fullest. Greg's step-dad, Paul, is equally unique and equally shaped Greg into the man he is. I owe a lot to Paul and I want him to know how grateful I am for his influence in Greg's life. These men shaped the man I fell in love with and for that my eternity is going to be much sweeter.

*My Pops: Oh how I love my Pops. No matter what decision he made, he always had his family first. He's always been there for me, my mom, and siblings. He provided an example of how a priesthood holder magnifies his roles as a husband and father. His example set the bar really high when I started looking for my eternal companion. I love you Pops. You deserve more props then you'll ever realize. Thanks for always be here, not there. :)

*Greg: I've only had a month to see what I've known to be true for the past four years--- Greg is a fantastic father. Every time I watch him with Jared, my heart feels like it will burst. I know how much he loves our little boy. I know he'll be fair and loving with all our children, providing that all important example of what a father should be. I love you, hunny bunny. Thank you for being you.

I love all these men. They are wonderful fathers and my life would not be the same without them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today was Pre-K Graduation---and my last event at La Petite. It was really cute seeing a group of five year old being praised for being three months away from kindergarten. They loved seeing Jared and couldn't believe that he was in me or how skinny I was. (I already mostly fit back into my pre-preggy pants and I'm five pounds from my pre-preggy weight). It was nice to be there.

I really don't know how to feel. Greg & I made the decision based on finances, fasting, and lots of prayer so we know it's the right decision--- it's just hard because I know the positive impact I've made on these kids. Some of these kids don't have very good home lives and I would like to think that I brightened their day by helping them see just how special they each are--- that whole unique Child of God thing. There's no doubt I'll miss them, but I know I won't miss the dynamics of the work environment. Words cannot describe how much stress and sadness that job brought into my life--- it was wearing me thin and what I truly want to focus on (my family) was placed on the back-burner because of it.

In my mind, my family has always been number one and now I can actually back up what I say and learn to be the best wife and mother within my capabilities.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Month Old & a First Medication

We can't believe a month has already passed. Jared is a blessing in our lives. We both adore our little guy. This past week his reflux increased enough that it seemed as though he was in pain, so we took him to the doctor. His weight is just fine--- 11 lbs 2 oz--- so the reflux isn't bad enough to stop him from gaining weight! The doctor gave him some antacid medication to help with the pain. The last couple of days has been better spit up wise, but it's interesting giving medication to a four week old who just wants to spit up something that doesn't taste good. Hopefully it continues to help him.

Here are some recent pictures of a growing weed named Jared. :)

Napping on the Daddy! Oh so cute!

I'm ready for my close-up!

Another close-up!

We noticed that Jared really likes sleeping with his hands up. This was just way too funny to pass up. He's ready for a hug! (this isn't the only time we've found him like this)

This is the milk coma that happens occasionally after he eats. We're trying to break him of it; however he must be just a little bit happy--- so, yay for a happy satisfied baby.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

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Four Places I go over & over:
1. My basement office on campus
2. The diaper changing table
3. bathroom (not too often though...)
4. Crazy town

Four People Who E-Mail Me Regularly:
1. Mom
2. ERC mailing list
3. Newegg
4. Somebody named Aldon Jiann-Yi who is always telling me to buy more herbs

Four of My Favorite Places to Eat:
1. Hubbard Street Diner
2. At home
3. Someplace with free food
4. In the car -- not really :(

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. Outside
2. On a cruise
3. closer to more family members
4. riding my bike!!!

Four People I Talk to on a Daily Basis:
1. Amber
2. Baby Jared -- conversations are one way usually
3. Does the TV count?
4. How about other drivers???

Four TV Shows I Watch Over & Over:
1. Man vs Wild
2. Worlds most Amazing Videos
3. How its Made
4. Iron Chef America

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Four Places I go over & over:
1. UW Campus
2. Church
3. Cub Food & Brennan's
4. Target

Four People Who E-Mail Me Regularly:
1. Pops
2. My MIL
3. Baby Center
4. Nett

Four of My Favorite Places to Eat:
1. Panera (St. Louis) Bread Co.
2. In 'n Out (oh, how I miss thee)
3. Qdoba
4. Hubbard Street Diner (local diner)

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. The Beach
2. Cardinals Game
3. Swimming
4. Anywhere with Greg & Jared

Four People I Talk to on a Daily Basis:
1. Greg
2. Jared
3. Someone from the ward
4. Any other extended family member---usually

Four TV Shows I Watch Over & Over:
1. Bones
2. Scrubs
3. My Boys
4. Pushing Daisies

Four People I'm Tagging:
Greg & anyone else who wants/has a few extra minutes to fill it out--- ENJOY!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Growin' Up

Saturday's morning conversation between Greg and I:

Ambo: "My baby brother graduates today."
Gweg: "Yeah, you're getting old."
Ambo: "Well, that means you're older."

This is followed by a few laughs and sighs. Parker really did graduate high school Saturday. We obviously couldn't go because of our wonderful new addition. The funny thing about the whole situation is becoming parents didn't make us feel old, but my youngest brother starting the rest of his life did.

Congrats, Park! We love you and wish we could've been there.

Three Weeks Later

Here are some picture highlights from this past weekend:

Our handsome boy with his James Bond onesie...

Sleepin' on the mama & the boppy..

My attempt at trying to get a gas smile...

One of Jared's favorite ways to fall asleep is with his hands above his head... so adorable!

Jared & I three weeks later... still hanging in there...

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend was a lot of fun for us.

Our hometown is known for the World's Largest Brat Fest over Memorial Day weekend. Last year, we came to look for apartments this same weekend and decided a year later that we would go to the fest. One year and a baby later, we went. It was pretty much a carnival with Brats, so all we did was have lunch and leave. Jared spent some quality time with Daddy in the Jeep carrier, completely passed out the whole time. Even though it was less than we expected, we're still able to say that we went to the world's largest Brat Fest.

Later that night, our Bishop and his wife invited us over for dinner. It was nice to have an invite and be with others on the summer's first holiday. Jared enjoyed being passed around and loved by all!

First Two Sundays

Since we took Jared to his first movie last Thursday, we thought it would only be right to take him to church for the first time a few days later. He did great! We only stayed for sacrament meeting, but it was clear he would be fine through all three meetings. Yesterday, he was just fine---a little hungry, yes--- but fine nonetheless. Let's just say that I'm already well on my way to becoming a pro at using the mother's room. Yay for going back to church--- isn't Jared handsome in his little church outfit?


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