Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HDTV & a Crib

A couple weeks ago, Gweg bought an HDTV antenna so we could watch the NFL playoffs. That Saturday we were able to watch all four games in HD and it was awesome. Not only do we get to enjoy sports the way they should be, but we get to watch American Idol and all the other network shows that we like in HD. It's great... can't wait for the Super Bowl and our real shows to start again.

Gweg bought a crib for Baby J that we scoped out over the weekend; our weekend project is to put it together and clean up the office almost nursery. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Prophetic Witness: Gordon B. Hinckley

As all of you know, Greg and I are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yesterday, the present prophet and president of the Church, President Gordon B. Hinckley, passed away. He served as the president since 1995 and did a lot to help the Church become more world-wide. If I tried to list everything he did in the past almost 13 years, I would barely scratch the surface. So, I put a couple of links to articles that I enjoyed reading today. If you have a moment, take the time to read his testimony (or watch the video)---prophet of God bearing testimony of the gospel. :)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my love and gratitude for this marvelous man. He always expressed his love for every part of the gospel and his attitude was infectious. Whenever he spoke, he spoke with love and authority as the mouthpiece of the Lord. While at BYU, I had a handful of opportunities to be in the same room as him and those feelings will never ever leave me. I feel so blessed to have had him present at our graduation in April. He was and still is a prophet of God--- his mission on this earth may be over, but with his sweetheart at his side, I'm sure he's already doing more to further the gospel on the other side of the veil.

Here are the links:

Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting Ready...

This weekend marks the beginning of getting ready for Baby J--- and it's hard to believe. I'm at the point in my pregnancy that if he was born from this point on (which we hope and pray he won't be until he's ready) he would survive. It floors me that my pregnancy is going by so fast. I'm really excited for his birth, but I feel completely unprepared. I think it's because I hardly have enough time as is---since I don't get off of work until 6. And it's not like Gweg justs sits at home. He's got a heavy load this semester PLUS a TA job for an undergrad-senior level class (props to my hunny). We'll be lucky to even spend time together not sleeping!

Anyway, the nursery still looks like an office and we have little to no baby gear. We still have 3 and a half-ish months to get ready--but it's crunch time! In honor of this realization, tomorrow Gweg and I are going to clean out and relocate the office and shop for a crib---with hopes to get one next weekend.

Wish us luck---considering I'm not feeling so good---

Friday, January 18, 2008


This week has been great. Baby J (that's all I'm going to say regarding my son's name until he's born) kicks me non-stop now. Even though it feels like my body is getting attacked Greg still can't feel it on the outside. I can't wait for Greg to actually feel baby J's movements; more bonding for the three of us.

Work has been fine and I have a missionary moment story to start the weekend. I came up to the desk to say to the two other closers to have a good weekend and my co-worker turns to to me and says, "we know Amber won't be going out and having fun"--- i.e. getting smashed at the local bar.

I looked her straight in the eye and said, "well, even if I wasn't pregnant, I still wouldn't drink." "Why?" she says as if I've committed a major crime.
"I don't drink; I've never had a drink in my life."
"EVER?!?! Never ever! Are you serious? Why?"
"Because I've never wanted to."
"Oh, is it a Mormon thing? Something they believe; that drinking is evil?" She really did say evil!
"Well, I don't think it's very healthy and I don't like the idea of losing control of myself. Plus, alcoholism runs in my life, so I wouldn't even want to try. And, to top it off, I think the smell of beer is disgusting."
Enter the other co-worker, "well, you don't know what you're missing."
"Yeah, we can totally corrupt you," says Co-worker #1.
And then I said "Good luck because I survived high school and college without taking a sip."
Co-worker #2 ends the conversation by saying, "Well, that's why I could never be Mormon." This is the same co-worker that I had a conversation with not even a week earlier about parts of the Plan of Salvation when she kept saying to my explanations "that makes sense."

And I thought, you don't know what you're missing. I love having the opportunity to share my beliefs with others and I hope they see just how happy I am because of how I chose to live, but it hard to see the truth that makes sense to them when other 'little things' get in the way.

We're going to the temple tomorrow... yay for that.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Baby Stuff

We registered last weekend. It was lots of fun and very tiring. Greg was in charge of the gun and had fun tagging some race car onesies and train towels--- I'm pretty sure he's excited to have a boy! ;) Check them out at: (click on gift registries at the top) and

Have fun and Go Packers!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our Little...


Yep, that's right! We're having a boy! Funny story: Before the ultrasound they asked me to drink 32 ounces of liquid just so that they could get a good look, even though I'm five months preggers. So, I'm guzzling down the water at work and when about an hour before I got off work I started to do the 'dance.' Not only is it uncomfortable, but I know from recent experience that I wouldn't have to go that much; needless to say I was very annoyed. Two hours later, our appointment was running late and I was 100 times more uncomfortable then earlier. A few minutes after that it was finally our turn to come into the room and as soon as I laid down I felt fine. I don't know if that usually happens, but it was a huge blessing because the whole appointment lasted another 30 minutes.

So, I lay on the table and by this point I've got big butterflies zooming around my tummy because we're literally seconds away from finding out if we're having a son or daughter. The technician puts the jelly on my belly finds the baby and starts measuring everything; starting with the size of his head. After she measures his head, she moves it around a little bit and then asks, "wait, did ya'll want to know what gender it is?" I felt like a practically shouted yes to her. Then she says, "well, it looks like a boy, but I'm not 100%... let's go check." So she wiggles the wand a little more and then with a firm voices says, "oh, oh my, oh yeah, there's no doubt that's a little boy. I will buy you a whole new wardrobe if he turns out to be a girl."

As she says this I swear I heard Greg say "yes." (he'll deny it) and then the both of us go, "oh." Our little 22 week old in-utero son was so not afraid to show his parents clearly that he was a boy. I would have asked for a picture to show others, but I was afraid I would have to blur it out because of the graphic nature; let me just say that he was very clear--- we are going to have a son.

As I'm absorbing the fact that I have a son that is probably going to look more like his dad then me, the technician continues to measure every part of our tiny little boy. Legs, arms, feet, eyes, umbilical cord, all the organs (because they are visible) including the heart. She got so close to his heart that we were watching the valves open and close with each little beat; it was very surreal. Then she moved around for the all important profile picture (seen above). He was a little stinker for that. His position at the time was breech, so she practically jammed the wand up into my ribs twice to get a decent picture.

After we were done, we made the journey upstairs to talk about his measurements. The final word is that everything is fine. As of Thursday, he was about a pound which is in the 50 percentile of how far a long I am; so right on target. Greg and I are thrilled to have a son. I'm really excited that we can stop calling him 'it.' Greg's just excited. Ever since the ultrasound, I can feel him move every few hours; Greg says he's paying me back for all the poking and prodding that was done to him in the ultrasound. We have a name, but I won't put it on the blog until he's born, so that ya'll will have to wait another 4 months for...

22 weeks...

Here's a picture of me and the baby at 22 weeks---this past Sunday. I don't think this shirt really shows how much my midsection has changed in the last few weeks. Greg just wanted to get a picture of me because I looked nice for church. The skirt I'm wearing is a maternity skirt because I can't fit into any of my old skirts anymore.

Just thought some would enjoy the growth...

Monday, January 7, 2008

A St. Louis New Year's

Part Two of the Holiday Adventure:

We got back into Madison around noon, came home, re-packed, and drove the five and a half hours to St. Louis. Greg had never driven through Illinois and didn't realize how flat it actually was! Half-way through the journey we stopped in Bloomington-Normal to have dinner with one of Greg's cousin-once removed. It was nice. We got into St. Louis around 830 to a wonderful reception from the MOs! A few hours later, we were still up talking to Ash & Jer--- man, do we miss them.

On Sunday, we went to the ward that I grew up in that was (back in the day) dissolved and made into a new ward and reformed seven years later with a new church building. Half the ward did a bunch of double-takes; first look--hey familiar face, second look--wait a minute... The other half of the ward thought that we were a 'new couple' in the ward. Funny stuff...

Then, we went with Ash and Jer to visit with a college roommate and her husband. We had a blast! We played a few games, talked, and ate way too many chips and dip. We had such a good time that we had lunch with them the next day! After lunch, Ash and I wanted to take the boys to the St. Louis Science Center, but since it was New Year's Eve it closed early. So, we spent the evening watching movies, playing games, having pizza and eating cheesecake.

The next day, our supposed to be departure date, ended up being our last full day there. We didn't want to risk driving in the weather and Greg wasn't feeling too good---so we stayed another day and went to the Science Center. It was fun to watch Greg and Jer get 'excited' but not too excited about some of the things we did. A highlight was watching the pair of them building an 8 foot arch. I took pictures because it was very entertaining.

That night the Mo's had a New Year's Day party where we saw a bunch more old faces and got a little too involved in a Disney puzzle. I'm so glad we were able to spend time with the Mo's and Ash & Jer. Greg and I had a lot of fun and didn't want it to end, but we had to come back to life in Wisconsin in order to have the big ultrasound the next day...

The Boise Christmas Adventure

Long time no update! This is the first of a few updates, the last to be the big announcement of the gender of our baby! Stay tuned...

First on the list is the craziness of our fantastic two-week vacation in Boise and St. Louis. The day before we were scheduled to leave, we had a mini-Christmas with the presents from Greg's side of the family. It was really fun to get the fun started. Greg got lots of long-sleeve shirts and James Bond Monopoly; I got maternity wear and a Queen Mary ornament. The funniest gift was when Greg opened a DVD marked for him and it ended up being the movie Hairspray. As soon the wrapping paper was off he said, "sh-yeah right, this isn't for me." He then tossed it to me and I had a very enjoyable movie to watch that night.

The next day (the 23rd) we were scheduled to leave the Dane County Airport around noon; little did we know what was to happen. Around 245pm, the airport finally cancelled our flight because the plane that was to be ours couldn't land. Sitting inside the airport Greg and I couldn't understand why they weren't allowed to land; driving back home we realized it was because of the blizzard (i.e. blowing snow)!!! It was crazy; some points in the drive we couldn't even see the road. Since so many flights were cancelled the earliest flights we could get on were the next night, Christmas Eve, getting us into Boise at 1150pm--- just in time for Santa--- and that we did. Mama & Pops were waiting for us as we walked through the Boise airport at 1215. It felt so good to finally be there. Soon after we headed to my folks' house and stayed up another hour talking to family and opening our classic Christmas Eve present--pajamas.

Christmas morning we were all up by 830; which was crazy considering our antics the night before. The best part about Christmas morning is watching the reactions of others when they open presents. Best of this Christmas include: Greg's surprise dremmel, Pops' Rudy shirt, Grandpa's train pictures which used to be Jay's, Megbo's Invader Zim and her tablet, my five-year-old cousin opening his first present only, and my two-year-old cousin with all of her princess gear. She was definitely princess-fied! I also loved that 'baby Gregbo' had a couple presents under the tree. All in all, Christmas was great. We added a lot to movie collection; I even got a couple seasons of Fraggle Rock and Meggie made me a pineapple charm to put on our camera. We didn't get a lot of morning pictures because Greg was manning my aunt's camera. By the way, NETT, post Christmas pics on your site--please!

The next couple of days we spent time shopping, watching movies, eating left-over deep-fryed turkey, playing 'rocketstar'/'rockguitar' otherwise known as Guitar Hero 3 and going shooting. Now the shooting story is all Greg and I will have to get him to post it, but I must explain 'rocketstar.' The same two-year-old cousin, Taylor, came into the room as we were starting to play Guitar Hero 3. She was so involved that she even wanted her own guitar. My sister and I started to play "Rock and Roll All Nite" by Kiss and our cousin joined in on her unplugged guitar. Meg and I didn't notice that we were singing when we had big breaks. When we stopped singing, Tay-tay said, "keep singing and rocking," then she started to sing the song herself. WE GOT A TWO-YEAR-OLD to sing KISS!!! All of us (Meg, Mama, and I) started singing while listening to Tay's intertwined 'rock all nite' 'party day.' We were laughing so hard that neither us could finish the rest of the song and when we tried to do the song again with her mom and Greg in the room, she wouldn't sing. She did, however, tell them both that she was playing 'rocketstar' which was her attempt at saying 'rock guitar.' The next morning she woke up asking to play 'rocketstar.'

Oh man, it was the best---I absolutely enjoyed Boise and headed to St. Louis on Saturday (29th). To be continued...


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